an emotional state or reaction.

a belief, especially a vague or irrational one.

Funny how feelings can mean two different things. If I say,  “I had a feeling that would happen”, you would think something negative.

If I say, “She was a very feeling person”, you would assume she was gentle and loving.

It’s interesting how one word can mean two completely different things.

If I said, “I had feelings for them” you would think I liked someone when in reality it could mean I couldn’t stand them. Like my feelings are so strong, I’d like to push them down and skin their kneecaps. (I love that line!)

Funny how the word feeling can take on such different meanings, which is why you have to be really clear when expressing your feelings to someone else.

There can’t be any guess work or wondering what someone meant. At least there shouldn’t be, but so many of us are afraid to express our feelings, that we simply don’t.  We keep them inside, shove em down and turn off our emotions because we are too afraid of how someone will react to them.

We pretend an awful lot of the time to like people when we don’t, because to express our real feelings would be inappropriate-or at least that’s what we tell ourselves. We might even like someone and pretend we don’t for the same reason.

In fact, we worry so much about what others think of us, we deny the one person who matters most their true feelings, which is us. Why do we deny ourselves the truth? Who cares if you don’t like everybody and why do you care if they like you? All that matters is that you like you.

There is a great song in The Book of Mormon about turning your feelings off. It’s so comical because they bring up situations that are simply horrible and how you’re supposed to ignore them. The song is aptly titled, “Turn it off”.

Actually turning off your feelings is never good because they always find a way to sneak out. You can shove em down, stomp on em and run like the gingerbread man, but your feelings will find you.

If we stopped making excuses as to why we don’t share our feelings we might start being a little more authentic and see our relationships change. They might be a little rocky at the onset but people respect you when you tell the truth and if they don’t, then they probably aren’t people worth keeping around.

Don’t turn it off, shove it down or deny yourself your feelings, unless of course you’re singing this song.

Your feelings are what make you your glorious wonderful self!



Published by

Gretchen Allison

I love learning new skills and honing ones I already have. When I'm not trying new things I'm going to auditions, which I never tire of. I am blessed to have representation from some very wonderful agents and recently signed with an amazing manager. I am also an avid supporter of National Mill Dog Rescue and Dogs In Danger and usually have a foster dog or cat around.

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