change (something) so much that it appears to be entirely new.

take up a very different job or way of life.

I have always reinvented myself in one way or another. I cut my hair off, grow it out again, change my style, take up a new interest, speak up for those who can’t, go vegan and then go paleo.

In short, I cannot be categorized, unless of course you would sum me up as free spirited. I like being free spirited, but the world doesn’t take too kindly to my sort, so they like to call us other things.

Rebel! Crazy! Volatile! Nuts! Psycho! Unstable! Wishy washy! Flakey! And the list goes on. All of these words have a negative connotation to them and they are given to others simply because people feel the need to categorize that which they do not understand. Or that which threatens them on some level.

People have to label things. I don’t know why. Perhaps in their pea sized brains they feel the need to control just about everything and everyone and if they can’t control you, then you are the one with the problem.

But I have a problem with that. I would rather change my looks, my opinions, my views (which I challenge you to do and welcome it), then be the same person I was 10 years ago, with the same views and opinions I had back then. If I’m still that person, then that means I am not evolving as a human being. Which is why I am always reinventing myself.

Reinvention is all about rediscovering yourself. Not the person you were told to be or the one that had expectations put on them by others, but the one who takes themselves out of their comfort zone and dares to explore new paths, new passions and new ways of being and thinking.

It doesn’t matter how many dreams you explore or how many don’t work out the way you had planned. There is no such thing as failure, unless you do nothing about your dreams at all.

How long have you worn your hair that way? Done the same exercise? Eaten the same foods? Done the same routine? Worked at the same job?

Is there a voice inside you that is yearning to be heard that you keep muffling out? Maybe it wants to take an art class. Maybe there’s a writer in you that you haven’t explored.

Did I think I would be learning to barber in my 50’s? I mean seriously! But yesterday I went and visited two schools just in case I don’t get the apprenticeship at the barber shop I’m trying out for.

Did I think I would be unloading dogs today that have spent their entire lives caged so that they can produce litter after litter of puppies for some piece of shit who makes money off of them? No! But I’m doing it!

Did I think I would be standing in my living room self taping myself with one device while I hear my voice on another one, so that I can submit myself for movies and television projects? Nope! But I do it and just got booked for a job.

I am being called to reinvent myself on a regular basis. And I answer it. I cannot wait for tomorrow to start living. There are no guarantees as to how long we have here. People who think there is always tomorrow are wrong. There is only today. Ever. And today is a great day to reinvent yourself.

Do something different today!

Published by

Gretchen Allison

I love learning new skills and honing ones I already have. When I'm not trying new things I'm going to auditions, which I never tire of. I am blessed to have representation from some very wonderful agents and recently signed with an amazing manager. I am also an avid supporter of National Mill Dog Rescue and Dogs In Danger and usually have a foster dog or cat around.

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