Baby I’m A Fool

I love Melody Gardot! She’s just so…soulsy. Is that a word? If it’s not it should be. Her voice is the best! Baby I’m a Fool watch the video. She’s so bluesy and cool. Love her voice, persona, glamour, style and authenticity.

What’s not to love about love? It’s everything! It frees us from the prisons we have created for ourselves and frees others as well. It’s easy to put up walls, the hard part is tearing them down.

When we get hurt the walls come up. We wallow in this place of nothingness thinking we have it all under control. But it’s a cavernous void and despite all of our attempts to keep love out, it eventually seeps in. It’s inevitable because it is our nature to love, to be loved.

Once you realize the walls are no longer serving you, you have to bring it down. Brick by brick. The first one is the hardest. But once you start, you just can’t stop because you realize it’s the only way back to yourself.

We cannot attract what we want most, if we are not energetically aligned with it. Does your desire match your belief? Believe that you are worthy of love, because you are. Everyone is.

Love sets us free. It is the most beautiful part of who we are. It is our essence. And it needs to be seen.

We are meant to love. We are not meant to withdrawal from it. Love yourself enough to love others and watch your life be magically transformed.

Feeling the love!


How was I to know that this was always only just a little game to you?All the time I felt you gave your heart I thought that I would do the same for you, Tell the truth I think I should have seen it coming from a mile away, When the words you say are, Baby I’m a fool who thinks it’s cool to fall in love

If I gave a thought to fascination I would know it wasn’t right to care,
Logic doesn’t seem to mind that I am fascinated by the love affair,
Still my heart would benefit from a little tenderness from time to time, but never mind,
Cause baby I’m a fool who thinks it’s cool to fall in love
Baby I should hold on just a moment and be sure it’s not for vanity,
Look me in the eye and tell me love is never based upon insanity,
Even when my heart is beating hurry up the moment’s fleeting,
Kiss me now,
Don’t ask me home
Cause baby I’m a fool who thinks it’s cool to fall,
Baby I’m a fool who thinks it’s cool to fall,
And I would never tell if you became a fool and fell in love.


Published by

Gretchen Allison

I love learning new skills and honing ones I already have. When I'm not trying new things I'm going to auditions, which I never tire of. I am blessed to have representation from some very wonderful agents and recently signed with an amazing manager. I am also an avid supporter of National Mill Dog Rescue and Dogs In Danger and usually have a foster dog or cat around.

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