Do You Long for a Sunday Kind of Love?

Sunday Kind of Love

Well…do you?

Well honestly, who doesn’t?!

But in order to have it, you do understand that you first have to become it.

How do we go about doing that? We embody the very essence of love.  We become love. We show love, give love and eventually, when done enough, we start to see love returned.

But we cannot expect to ask for something we aren’t doing ourselves. How can you expect someone else to give you, what you aren’t even giving yourself?

Do you see yourself as a catch? Are you owning all of the qualities in yourself that you wish to find in someone else? Or is there still a little work to do? Because if you’re hoping for a person that’s all that and you aren’t, chances are you’re not going to attract them.

Maybe you’re looking for a person with money but you don’t have any. Highly unlikely you will attract them either. And if you do, there will probably be a price to pay that you can’t afford- like your self worth.

It is often said that we find what we are looking for when we aren’t even looking. The reason for this is simple. Your focus isn’t on it. Sometimes we focus so hard on what we want, that we are actually focusing on the lack of it which only creates more lack.

You can tell what you have been focusing on by what you see right now. Go ahead! Take a look. Did you manifest what you wanted? You didn’t? Then your focus is on the lack of it. Change your thoughts and you will change your reality.

Whenever I feel myself feeling shitty, I catch it as soon as I can and think about something that makes me happy. I wake every day and say how thankful I am for everyone in my life and do the same thing before I fall asleep. I sit in nature every day and appreciate its beauty.

I’m not perfect at manifesting but work pretty hard at it. When I need inspiration I listen to Abraham Hicks in my car and on my Ipod. I also listen to music. It raises your vibration immediately.

And how about that Sunday kind of love? Are you still looking for love in all the wrong places? How about looking within! Once you do that, I’m sure more than a Sunday kind of love will show up.

Stay the path, re route when you fall off it and never stop finding ways to love and honor yourself.


Published by

Gretchen Allison

I love learning new skills and honing ones I already have. When I'm not trying new things I'm going to auditions, which I never tire of. I am blessed to have representation from some very wonderful agents and recently signed with an amazing manager. I am also an avid supporter of National Mill Dog Rescue and Dogs In Danger and usually have a foster dog or cat around.

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