Never Say Never


Love this song! It never gets old.

Heard it today on the job-well not really the job. Let’s face it, I’m having fun for six hours. Two years ago I would have told you I would NEVER step into a barbershop, let alone work in one.

Now look at me! I look at men all day now (not like that) and can kind of gauge if it’s a one, a two or skin fade.  I mean come on, me saying the words, “skin fade”. It’s laughable. But I’m learning how to do one.

I’m loving it! I have clippers-a Wahl and an Oster. I have a balder (never knew there was such a thing, never thought a man would want one used on him!) I have clipper attachments! I actually get excited about getting clipper guards!  And I have a straight razor. I might be considered dangerous with all of the weaponry that’s on me.

But I digress. This post is about never saying never. It just doesn’t serve you. You should be open to all that life has to offer you at any given moment and embrace everything that comes your way.  Instead of worrying about that what ifs and all of the other bs, make your new motto be, “Bring it!”

Don’t say never to anything. Think about anything you have said never to. Maybe it’s a job, a creative endeavor, a person. What if that never was something that was actually good for you? What if that never was the beginning of a really creative future? And what if that never was just your ego trying to get in the way of what you really wanted?

The best way to find your purpose, passion or love is to look at what scares you most. We sabotage ourselves before we ever get started because our ego talks us out of it. We take the safe route, the one that is expected of us, the one that is familiar.  We say that what we really want will never happen because we don’t believe that we are worthy of it.

But we are. Every single one of us.



Published by

Gretchen Allison

Actress/Model, supporter of Dogs In Danger, National Mill Dog Rescue and a Fellow Barber in training. I love the ocean, people with integrity, deep house music, travel, learning new skills and margaritas. Not necessarily in that order. I wrote a chick-lit book called Oh Shiksa! which is a great beach read. You can purchase it on Amazon

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