the quality or state of being strong

a good or beneficial quality or attribute of a person or thing

Often times when we stand up for something we believe in we can be perceived as selfish, pushy or maybe just a bitch or prick, depending on who you’re exerting your will to.

This is a common misunderstanding and something that people who are sensitive can fall prey to. We tend to put others ahead of ourselves to the point of not honoring who we are or what we want and when we have finally had enough, others aren’t so keen to go along with it.

A few weeks ago I came into a situation just like this. I wasn’t in the mood to have an argument about the past because quite frankly it did’t serve me or the person wanting to go there with me. It was just a way for this person to try and disempower me. But I’m too awake to fall asleep again.

There are always two choices to every situation. You can engage or not. Often times the most powerful option is to do nothing. There are people who want to stay on the merry go round of blame and as long as you engage, you’re riding it right along with them.

This is where you really need to find your strength. That inner power that knows what it knows and feels very strongly about not being lead down some old road with pot holes on it.

I mean really! How many times do you have to fall in a hole to realize it takes too much effort to get out of it? It’s much easier to avoid them altogether. This is power/strength not weakness.

You know the saying, “People don’t change.” But I personally don’t agree with that. I do believe people are capable of great change, but they have to want it and most importantly they have to put their ego aside and the need to blame.

If life is calling you to make changes, no matter who they will effect, then find the inner strength to do so. Turn off the committee in your head and find the strength to honor yourself instead of the people who are keeping you imprisoned with their needs.

Aren’t you just as important?  Don’t you deserve to be honored the way you have honored others? Of course you do! You are worthy and you deserve to be treated with the respect and love you give so freely to others.

If someone isn’t bringing authenticity, acceptance and a whole lot of love to the table, then go eat elsewhere.






Published by

Gretchen Allison

Actress/Model, supporter of Dogs In Danger, National Mill Dog Rescue and a Fellow Barber in training. I love the ocean, people with integrity, deep house music, travel, learning new skills and margaritas. Not necessarily in that order. I wrote a chick-lit book called Oh Shiksa! which is a great beach read. You can purchase it on Amazon

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