Fate/Destiny and Your Big Day

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My sister and her husband called me this morning to wish me happy birthday (it’s a tradition where we sing to one another). She told me that I was fair of face since I was born on a Monday. I guess I’m pretty pale, but I’m also a Pisces and certainly not a fish. Although my skin does tend to get a little scaly when I have been in water too long.

When I hung up the phone, I wondered if our birthdays determine who we are and what we become, like we somehow have no control over it, despite our best attempts at trying to.

I was born on March 2, at 5:04pm in Saginaw, Michigan. I’ve had astrology charts done before but it’s like reading hieroglyphics and doesn’t mean a hill of beans to me, except that I am a Pisces sun, Leo rising and Scorpio moon.

Pisces sun means I am categorically an escapist and an addict. I don’t think of myself as Houdini, but I don’t have any problem living in my head where I create worlds that will later be written down and hopefully made into something. I don’t do drugs, but I do drink copious amounts of liquor, so the jury is out on that one.

On the upside, I am generous, positive and compassionate and highly sensitive, which means I usually know when you are bothered before you do.

Leo rising means I like attention and I am vain. I guess that’s true, but not in a narcissistic way. My dad was the one who told me, “The only thing worse than vanity, is none at all.” They are also stable and loyal, which I am, so I guess I have to own this.

Scorpio moon. Hmmm…I do love my independence (almost to a fault) and I am very passionate about… well my passions. I’ve never stung anyone though, but I’m sure my words have, so this one is true as well.

I’ve also had a human design chart done by the woman that I do Faster EFT with. It’s really out there but I have to tell you, so accurate. According to that thing I’m not supposed to go after anything, I am supposed to wait for opportunities to find me. This totally goes against everything I have ever done my entire life, which explains a lot.

With all of these charts, numbers, signs, stars. etc. you gotta wonder if there is something to it. I’m no expert at any of it (part of the pisces thing) but I am rather fond of delving into mysteries of life and the like (scorpio) and before I knew that I was supposed to wait for opportunities instead of waiting for them, I was like a lion on the Serengeti who has just seen its lunch.

Perhaps you don’t believe in any of this gobbledy gook and that’s okay. All I can tell you, is the older I get, the more I am open to change and the possibility that anything is possible.

I’m not a person who buys into age or illnesses or cares that I am another year older. I see myself as being another year wiser. I am more at ease, more of myself and just plain chill about everything and I guess it’s because I have embraced all of these qualities instead of trying to control or fight them.

None of us has control over anything. We might think we do, which is why you see people fighting everything. But once you let go of the need to know, the need to control, the need to have all of the answers, you start enjoying life, which is really what we came here to do.

Pisces sun, Leo rising, Scorpio moon; whatever that means, it all boils down to me eating cake!


Published by

Gretchen Allison

I am many things, but my inner driver is one of re-invention and always working on being a better version of myself. I have three boys who demand authenticity and so my greatest and most challenging role has been to become that. While the work I do in acting, modeling, writing and volunteering for dogs is derived from an inner passion, it is also a form of authentic expression; my true nature, and it is my greatest hope that it inspires others to do the same.

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