Ever Feel Like an Alien?

If someone were to have shown you a photo of our world today, compared to what was going on four months ago, you might think you were watching a movie about a dystopian society from the show Black Mirror. I know that’s how I feel.

I remember my middle guy having me watch one episode in particular that keeps coming to mind. It was about a group of military personnel hunting down groups of people they perceived as monsters, but in reality they were actually good people hiding from them because if they didn’t, they would be killed. The militants had had a chip inserted in them that made them think the people they were hunting were bad, instead of well, just people trying to get by.

I think about this episode a lot because I feel the similarities are rather eerie. We see people as a threat now. They are merely another means of contracting this thing, instead of people just trying to live their lives the best way they can, in the most unpredictable and unprecedented of circumstances.

And the protests! People demanding justice that should be rightfully theirs, without having to endure such hardships and pain to get it. In short, it breaks my heart and while I want to look away from so much inequality, I don’t, because ignoring things won’t make them go away, but facing them will.

And then there was this moment two days ago. A woman trying to buy cherries asked me if I would put them in my cart because she didn’t have 25.00 in hers to use the coupon. She could barely speak English, but I saw the coupon and the cherries and the money in her hand, so I agreed to help her. As she stepped in front of me and the cherries were rung up, they didn’t take the coupon off so she was asked for 20.00. I don’t eat cherries but I thought that was a ridiculous price. No wonder she had a coupon!

But…the checkout person didn’t put her order with mine. He rang it separately. This became quite the raucous in the store. She was trying to explain in broken English what she wanted and a security guard and two managers weren’t having it. She turned to me and said, “I sorry. Thank you!” And left the store without the cherries.

I stood there thinking, where the hell am I? What just happened? Was she that threatening? She looked like an old Grandma to me, but I guess to the store she looked like a nuisance, a problem, an alien even, not abiding by the rules. It was cherries! She didn’t need 25.00 worth of food, but I did. A simple gesture of kindness and trying to help someone out is met with that kind of a fuss. Is this really where we have come in our society?

We have forgotten the basics. How to treat others with compassion. To expect the best instead of the worst. We go right to the most horrendous of circumstances and see everyone as a threat to us and our family’s well being now.

I guess, like this song, you can start to feel like an alien amongst everyone now, if you refuse to play by the new paradigm. But I’m okay with that. I will always help people and animals in need because that is my nature. If it lands me in trouble, that’s the price I am willing to pay, because me doing nothing is a price I cannot afford, for it takes away from my very nature.

What do we really have to fear? We don’t even know. Fear is futile, an illusion that is so much worse in our minds than could ever be in reality. The fear of the unknown, the fear of rejections, the fear of perceptions and one of the biggest, the fear of what others think, are all ways in which we thwart any and all progress towards a life we truly want and deserve.

Live in fear or don’t, it’s a choice. We may not understand why all of this has happened and perhaps we don’t even need to. But what we do need to really get, is that we are clearly seeing the vast difference between people who feel like they are aliens amongst their neighbors for wanting change for humanity as whole, and those who are willing to keep up the facade that if it isn’t happening in their backyard, that they need not worry.

By the way, doing nothing, is actually doing something and speaks volumes to anyone and anything you say you care about.

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I’m a creative. This means I live in my head, my heart and my imagination; simultaneously. I love acting, modeling, writing and coming up with new ideas to help inspire others.

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