I am missing my yoga practice at present. If you practice yoga, then you know that a large part of it is about breathing. It’s actually everything, but somehow we forget to do it, just like I have forgotten to do yoga.

I started out pretty steady but without accountability on the mat at a studio, I kind of lost my mojo.

Not too many of us take deep breaths, like really take in air and let it out. Pause between the breaths. Allow ourselves a moment to reset.

I know I don’t. I go go go and then go some more. I’m sort of like a whirling dervish! The only time I shut down is when I sleep and sometimes my sleep is disrupted, which is why yoga is so good for me.

Bu I have lapsed in my practice. I started out all gung ho when this quarantine first happened and even posted photos on my Instagram of doing poses, but now…well, I haven’t visited my mat in about two months and I am feeling it.

I’m sluggish, but am having a hard time finding the motivation to get going again. To get breathing again.

But I know myself well enough to know that what I really miss, is the community of yoga. I can easily sign up for the on line zoom classes, but I need to be around people. While I am a person who likes being by themselves most of the time, I do like being around like-minded individuals.

Practicing yoga has been a huge part of my life for a long time now. I love everything about it, except practicing at home. It’s just not the same.

I don’t like incense, but somehow I find myself missing it. I don’t like being on top of other people in a full class either, but somehow I find myself missing that too. I even miss the end of class when the instructor comes around and gives me that mini massage on my temples with essential oils too.

Essentials. I am missing the essentials. The touch, the smell, the camaraderie, the basic needs of a human to feel connected in life, to be connected to people.

I miss breathing. Without a mask.

How about you?

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I’m a creative. This means I live in my head, my heart and my imagination; simultaneously. I love acting, modeling, writing and coming up with new ideas to help inspire others.

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