Building Sandcastles

When is the last time you did that? Went to the beach and built a big old sand castle with a mote, shells for windows and sticks for a draw bridge?

Probably when you were five, right? Why is that? Why do we forget to do these free activities that get our hands dirty and allow our minds to wander, thinking about the endless possibilities of things we can create.

The best thing about a sand castle is you can always wreck it if it doesn’t turn out the way you wanted. You can rebuild it, too and it doesn’t cost you a thing for that tear down! And if you leave for the day, someone else will come along and take ownership of it and start adding onto it.

Relationships are like sand castles, aren’t they? Often times we build and build and add onto our foundation, only to have it be washed away the minute a big wave of turmoil comes along.

Although tragic, if we don’t work on ourselves and learn to move past all of the pain, we might start to think our union was built on sand and steer clear of the beach altogether. We may even go so far as to avoid the beach because we don’t ever want to feel the sand again!

Maybe we sit by pools instead, cause its safer. No sand is getting in our toes! Not now, not ever again.

But in the distance at your fancy resort you see a beach. You see people running, frolicking on it. They are barefoot, holding hands and maybe even running in the water.

You wonder…why do they look so freaking happy? You’re the one who should be happy! You’re clean, free of that mess and in control of your surroundings.

But still, there’s that ocean! You can’t get near an ocean unless you walk on the sand. The sand where you build castles.

Just because one castle didn’t last, doesn’t mean another won’t. But you will never find out, unless you get back in the sand and try and build a new one.

Some relationships are not meant to last. Like a sand castle at the beach, some will sustain the waves while others fall back into the water and disappear. We will always have the memories of the ones we built, but it is the healed person who understands that just because one sand castle didn’t withstand the waves, doesn’t mean the next one won’t.

Sure, sand is messy, but it leads you to the water. A brilliant pool of blues, greens and turquoise that you could stare at forever, much like the eyes of a lover.

Here’s to building sand castles! And if you haven’t built one in awhile or have been avoiding the beach, maybe it’s time you gave it another go. It’s only sand and it feels so good between your toes!

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I’m a creative. This means I live in my head, my heart and my imagination; simultaneously. I love acting, modeling, writing and coming up with new ideas to help inspire others.

One thought on “Building Sandcastles”

  1. You’re on fire these days sister. Love your writing. I wrote this a few days ago and it reminds me of what you’re trying to say about being afraid. Staying safe has it’s merits, but it also has a price.

    I’m that women tucked
    underneath an umbrella
    safe but so lonely. 7.2.20 #2134

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