You didn’t think I was talking about signs, as in street ones, did you? Come on!

These signs that the Universe sends you could come via dreams, conversations, songs or epiphanies, and they are all different ways that it is trying to communicate with you. All you have to do is piece them together.

I have had these signs for as long as I can remember… at least 11 or 12 years now. I did’t even know that they were signs, I just knew something was going on that wasn’t the norm. 1111 and 111 were the most common. Every single time I looked at the clock I would see these numbers. Often times I still wake up at these times. Occasionally I see 222 or 333 and 555.

I learned that these were angel numbers. Who knew such a thing existed! And it’s not like you can go around asking people if they see angel numbers. Right!?

The more I tried to ignore the signs and especially the dreams…oh my God, the dreams! I had full on conversations with people in them! It was as though I was living another life in my dream state, learning all about people on a soul level. I thought I was going mad.

I mean, I was dreaming after all and had not an ounce of proof that the people I was talking to, were having the dreams too. It’s not like you can go up to people in the waking world and say, “Hey, remember last night when we talked about…” That would be right up there with talking about angel numbers, wouldn’t it?  Let’s face it, it’s not a conversation most people have.

But if you are having any of these things happen to you, than you are not the norm. You’re special! At least that’s how I choose to think about it. It makes me feel…well, more sane.

These signs can be overwhelming. At the height of mine, I felt like I had no choice but to try and talk about what was happening to me, but my trying to open up about it was met with crickets. Talk about all of your abandonment issues coming up to the surface! When you are faced with pain you can either ignore it or go within. Most people ignore it because it’s easier.

But if you’re seeing signs, then you already know ignoring it isn’t an option. It’s like you’re pushed off a cliff and forced to face all of your childhood wounds and then go about healing them. And when this happens to you, you are on your own, because anybody who hasn’t experienced the signs, will think you’re speaking another language and look at you like maybe it’s time you took some medication.

But you don’t need any meds. You just need information. What the hell is going on? I started typing in the numbers. One thing lead to another, almost as if I was being lead to information and surprisingly there was a ton of it out there. After awhile (yes I still have dreams and still see signs all the time),  you learn the real value of discernment and have a deep knowing of who is full of crap and who is not.

The signs are ever present in our world. If you are experiencing any of these things, take this post as a sign that you are not nuts. You ARE seeing things, hearing things and dreaming things for a reason. What you choose to do with these signs is up to you.

But you must know this…these signs are not something you have control over. You can’t quit them. Believe me, I’ve tried. At this juncture I have simply surrendered to them because it’s easier. I keep doing my thing, living my life and loving myself, and trust that I am being guided on a path that is for my highest good.

My advice to you is this: trust the process, know that you’re not crazy and take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. The most wonderful thing to come of this is that you master your emotions, don’t look outside of yourself for fulfillment and blindly trust that in doing so, amazing things will happen to you and do.

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I’m a creative. This means I live in my head, my heart and follow inspiration whenever it is gifted to me. I love acting, modeling, writing and coming up with new ideas to help inspire others.

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