Are you near the light or furthest from it?

When you turn on a light switch you illuminate the dark and it disappears. This is what happens when we work on ourselves. This is also why you will find it harder to be around people who have no desire to do this. You might wonder why. It’s very simple. They don’t think they need to.

I have always found it interesting when people refuse to do this, because I know nothing of not working on myself. Why would I not want to be the best me I can be? Why would I not want to be the best me I can for my children? Isn’t that my job? And if any of your relationships are not where you would like them to be, then the light is calling you, only you’re not answering.

The light is not heavy, as suggested in its name, but darkness is. The light cannot sustain the weight of the darkness. You can feel this heaviness when you meet someone, even if you aren’t empathetic. They might scowl, talk poorly about others, complain a lot, boast, sneer, judge. Oh, the judgement! I can’t with the judgement!

You can feel when you are being judged. Your body tells you so. The light you carry within might dim for a bit because people who are dark like taking the light they refuse to give to themselves. They do this by ignoring you, talking down to you, gaslighting you or questioning your beliefs, what you do for a living or a choice you have made. When you finally leave their presence you feel exhausted from having to defend yourself.

Some people like to call them energy vampires. I call them covert narcissists. You’ve probably met a few. Whenever you are around these people you feel drained. They play the victim role so well, they should get an Academy Award. They are never at fault, there is always someone else to blame and they find something wrong with everyone and everything.

There is no darkness with light and the two cannot exist together at the same time, unless you are talking about people. One might live for the light while the other remains in the darkness. They can be in the same room together, but their two energies will not mesh and eventually there will be an argument.

Inevitably the relationship will end because the more light a person takes in, the less tolerance they have for a person who remains in the dark. This is why my children have no relationship with my husband’s family. No matter how many times I tried to mend it, my children simply refused to to have their light dimmed.

Darkness likes to go on line and bash restaurants, salons, dry cleaners, grocery stores, you name it, they complain about it, and they question how much something costs over and over again to the point of nausea without any thought or regard whatsoever for the people and businesses they are effecting. They simply don’t care!

It is astonishing to me that someone would actually take time out of their day to write a bad review. Have they ever owned a clothing store, a restaurant, a salon, a dry cleaners, a grocery store? My guess is no, because when you own a business you understand that was someone’s dream. They thought of it, made a plan, used their own money or borrowed it and made it happen. Sometimes it was against all odds, but they still brought it to fruition.

And then some person who does not see the good in much of anything, because they are so focused on what is wrong with it all, comes along and trashes it.

If you don’t like a meal, so what. Do you always cook a perfect one? Had a bad haircut? It grows back. Maybe the problem was with you. Maybe you didn’t convey what you wanted clearly enough. Maybe you showed them a picture of Natalie Portman and you left looking like yourself with her haircut. Have they ever written a book? God no! They can’t even write an apology, but they will go on line and trash yours!

People who trash other people for putting themselves out there are people who don’t have dreams, so how can they possible understand someone who does? If you’re a person who doesn’t have any dreams, stop thinking small and for humanity’s sake, stop trashing people who do.

The light begs us to come closer. We do this by serving one another, instead of stabbing each other in the back just to serve ourselves. We are here to serve, not receive. Receiving is the ultimate gift for all of the service you do. It should never be your motive. Tit for tat is bullshit!

Give to others. Whether it’s your time, attention, money or a good review. Being kind is so much easier than being mean and will not only enhance your life and your relationships, it will keep you from accumulating more bad karma.

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I’m a creative. This means I live in my head, my heart and follow inspiration whenever it is gifted to me. I love acting, modeling, writing and coming up with new ideas to help inspire others.

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