The lies we tell and the ones we believe

I have always been fascinated by people who lie to themselves. They can be a myriad of things. From how they look, to how they feel and how they think others feel about them.

If a person is out of touch, they might think all is well, when things are just one stitch away from unraveling. It’s a different mindset for sure.

There is a refusal to believe that things are over, that things aren’t really as bad as they seem or that conviction to he/she didn’t mean it that keeps them in this state of utter denial.

They lie to themselves so well, often times the most painful situations are overlooked and unbelievably forgiven. This often comes at the sacrifice of others, usually those they hold dearest. I have never understood this complete denial of the truth, because I try very hard to live mine.

Sometimes people do not like to hear what I have to say, but my truth is merely my truth. I may apologize for offending someone, but only because I realize after the fact that they are not ready to hear what I have to say.

People are afraid of the truth. They will do anything to deny it, to avoid it. Men or women will have affairs in their marriage because they are so unhappy, and the partner will turn the other away, pretending not to notice.

People will lie to the companies they work for, pretending to be something they are not and then have the audacity to question why they were let go a few months later.

People will present themselves to be something they aren’t; quoting literature and versus from things they have read, all the while not even knowing what any of it means, just so they can impress others who they think are interested in such nonsense.

Lies are always being told. Countless, unnecessary lies being told over and over again, because some people would rather lie about who they are or what they are, then own they truly are.

What is is about a lie? Why do people feel the need to lie? Are they so weak that they cannot tell the truth? Or is it a refusal to see it? To own it? To decide to be who they are, instead of what they think others want or expect them to be?

I personally don’t have a clue why people lie, nor do I care. My only problem with a lie, is when it effects someone I love. Because lies ruin relationships. And the first lie a liar tells, is the first brick you put between you and another. The wall is inevitable. Because if you can tell one lie to a partner or a child, then you are capable of many.

Lies serve no one but the person telling them, and in the end, the lies are all the person who told them are with.

It is better to be who you are, then to pretend to be something you aren’t. To be a liar, is to be a loner, and ironically, it is that last thing a liar wants but it is inevitably where they wind up. I guess you can call it karmic justice.

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I’m a creative. This means I live in my head, my heart and follow inspiration whenever it is gifted to me. I love acting, modeling, writing and coming up with new ideas to help inspire others.

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