Taking Care or Care Taking?

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of being asked if I have gotten “the V!” People who ask me are acting as a caretaker, not as someone who is interested in taking care of me. There is a vast difference!

Everywhere I go, someone asks me this question, like they have any right to my personal information. Since when did other people’s health become such a topic of conversation? I go on Instagram and I see people posting stickers like a 5 year old, that they got the shot. Do they really need validation that badly? “You got “the V!” Good for you!

I don’t care if you get “the V” or you don’t! It is a personal choice and one that should be honored whether you do it or you don’t. But it’s not! If you’ve gotten “the V”, you want others to get it too. You judge others who have’t gotten it, like there is something wrong with them. You call them anti-vaxxers or conspiracy theorists, instead of what they really are, which are people listening to their intuition and their own bodies, instead of the media. This judgement is only perpetuating more separation in our already very divided country.

I like giving you visuals, so let me give you one now about how I currently feel about “the V”.

11:30am, South Hampton, 1912: Rose calls out to Gretchen, standing on the dock. “Hey, Gretch! Why aren’t you coming with us?”

“I ‘m good. I’m just not feeling a journey on a new ship, you know. I think I would rather wait and see how it goes, how it performs.”

Rose: “What do you mean you’re not coming? What’s the harm? Why are you so skeptical?

“I wouldn’t say I’m skeptical, I’m just listening to my intuition and it says to wait.”

Rose: “Well, everyone’s coming! You’re going to be all alone in your choice”

“I’m glad that you are going and that you are happy with your choice, but I am going to stay here. I’ll come aboard after it’s maiden voyage.”

Rose: “Well, if you’re going to be that way about it, then perhaps we won’t invite you anywhere else anymore.”

“Wow! I wasn’t expecting that reaction. I thought you would honor me and my choice not to go.”

Rose: “Well I think you’re being ignorant and I feel sorry for you and your choice not to come.”

“Okay, I guess I’ll have to live with that. I wish you the best and I hope you have a nice journey.”

I guess you’ve figured out that my analogy is that of the Titantic and we all know how that ended. It was it’s maiden voyage and there were numerous reasons why it sank, not just the iceberg.

I feel this way about “the V” and the more information that comes out, the more it reiterates to me that it is okay to wait on it. I am not opposed to “the V” when it has been around a little while longer and perhaps all of these issues they are having that are killing people or harming them, will be worked out.

I get why people are putting it in their bodies, too. We’ve all lived a life of hell, had basic things taken from us, have lost human touch due to 6 ft. apart and lost sight of humans as well, due to masks.

But when it comes to this issue, we should all be making decisions from a place of empowerment, not bullying. If you don’t approve of someone not getting “the V,” let it go. The only thing anyone should be listening to when it comes to this injection, is their intuition.

There is a big difference between trying to Caretake someone and Taking care of them. Here are a few.

Caretaking feels stressful, exhausting and frustrating. Caregiving feels right and feels like love. It re-energizes and inspires you.

Caretaking crosses boundaries. Caregiving honors them.

Caretaking takes from the recepient or gives with strings attached; caregiving gives freely.

Caretakers think they know what’s best for others; caregivers only know what’s best for themselves.

Caretakers don’t trust others’ abilities to care for themselves, caregivers trust others enough to allow them to activate their own inner guidance and problem solving capabilities.

Caretaking creates anxiety and/or depression in the caretaker. Caregiving decreases anxiety and/or depression in the caregiver.

Caretakers tend to be judgmental; caregivers don’t see the logic in judging others and practice a “live and let live attitude.”

Caretakers us the word “You” a lot and Caregivers say “I” more.

If you have done any of the caretaking to others when it comes to their choice, then you need to look at yourself and ask why it is you feel so compelled to challenge them and their beliefs.

Get “the V” or don’t, but stop talking about it already. And for Pete’s sake, stop trying to control others through bullying to get them to do what you do. Free will people! Free will! Allow others to make their own informed choice, not one you are trying to enforce on them.

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I’m a creative. This means I live in my head, my heart and follow inspiration whenever it is gifted to me. I love acting, modeling, writing and coming up with new ideas to help inspire others.

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