Be the Sunflower

Sunflowers grow best when they get at least 8 hours a day of the sun. They actually track the sun to stay in its light. They also require a lot of space to reach their potential. If they are planted too close together, they will not blossom to their fullest. They also have a history of healing. They have traveled to far away places; space being one of them. The middle part of the flower has both male and female sex organs, which makes it a complete union of masculine and feminine qualities.

As far as their spiritual meaning, they symbolize faith and are worshipped throughout many cultures because it resembles the sun. The sunflower also represents a desire to seek enlightenment and truth.

I love sunflowers! It’s not for all of the reasons I just stated, I just think they are very unique and make you feel happy. But if you had to be a flower, or be represented by one, then this one is pretty cool.

When we are trying to stay in the light, we need to surround ourselves with positivity. In order to have this, we require a lot of space. We have to set boundaries. People who are not in the light don’t like those. They will do anything to keep you from the light, so they will invade your space and cross the boundaries you have tried to instill, to keep you where they are.

You will feel constricted and start to question the light that you are being called to, especially if the people who are threatened by your light are those closest to you. But if you thrive in the light you know it. You also know when you are around people who don’t.

Our light heals others without us even knowing it. But when you feel your light fading because someone else is taking too much of it to try and heal themselves without giving you light in return, you become depleted and start to wither. You are literally drained when you are around people who do not seek their own light, but take yours instead.

You might travel a bit to revive your light, but when you come back to your reality your light gets challenged by the darkness again and a battle ensues between the masculine (giving) inside you and the feminine (receiving). When you give too much you are not receiving and when you receive too much you are not giving. If this is happening, you are no longer shining your light because it has been dimmed and the chances of you manifesting anything are nil because you are imbalanced energetically.

It is paramount to your inner well being that you stay in the light, no matter how dark it gets around you. The dark cannot remain in the light, nor can the light remain in the dark.

If you are the sunflower you need the light. Choose a new place to plant yourself so that you can thrive. You are the sunflower after all, and baby, you need it!

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I’m a creative. This means I live in my head, my heart and follow inspiration whenever it is gifted to me. I love acting, modeling, writing and coming up with new ideas to help inspire others.

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