Waiting Game

Most of our lives we are waiting. We stand in lines to buy tickets, for the subway, for our coffee, appointments and the most frustrating thing we wait for, is people.

I wait a lot. I mean, A LOT! I wait for auditions, I wait for callbacks, I wait for the bookings. Often times I get put on hold and then I am waiting still. Does the client want me or someone else? Do they go in another direction all together? Does the project get scrapped? I have no idea what they think about, I only know I am left waiting.

In the past I would reach out to an agent and ask, “Have you heard anything? What are they waiting on?” Usually they didn’t know, but I thought it showed I had interest in the project, so that’s why I called in the first place. If it was a project I really wanted, then I might call a few times, but if I didn’t hear anything back I assumed they went in another direction and I didn’t call again. There’s only so much calling you can do! After awhile you get the picture and you don’t need someone to spell it out for you.

Due to my history with wanting things to happen and being impatient with the process, I have gotten exceptionally good at waiting. One might even say I am resolute. I have a vision of what I want, have had dreams about it, see signs everywhere that pertain to it and feel it deep within my soul that it is meant for me, so I trust that it will come. I have actually never been more certain of anything I want in my life. I’ve done the work, cleared my path of anything standing in the way and now all I have to do is wait for it to come to me. I trust in my inner knowing so I feel no need to stress.

Waiting has gotten me thinking about love. Why must people wait for love? I know a few people who are so tired of waiting for love. They just want it already! They know what they want in a partner and are ready to share their life with someone who is their equal. And while they do meet some okay people, they tend to meet more people who withhold love. I don’t understand this at all.

If love is staring you in the face, why would you wait any longer for it? Why would you push it away? I mean, love is amazing! Is it being vulnerable? Fear? It’s like the minute people find what they have been seeking all along, they shut the treasure box and run in the opposite direction. Their ego takes them on a journey to try and find bigger and better bounty, and only get lost at sea.

We wait so much for everything else in life, why wait for love. There isn’t a need for it. It’s futile and ridiculous. Love is love and when you have it you don’t wait for it, you pounce.

Aren’t we all a little tired of waiting at this point? I mean, we waited for the bans to be lifted, a vaccine, the world to go back to normal. And still, here we are…waiting.

I don’t know about you, but I find the whole waiting thing a but tiresome, but my job does require me to wait quite a bit. So I’m here day after day waiting for my phone to ring, to get an email or text, because reaching out has not faired well for me in the past and I have learned not to chase. And in the waiting, what is meant for me always finds me and this is what is called living in the present.

What are YOU waiting on? And more importantly, is it worth it?

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I’m a creative. This means I live in my head, my heart and follow inspiration whenever it is gifted to me. I love acting, modeling, writing and coming up with new ideas to help inspire others.

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