Let’s talk about cream. You put it in your coffee and it rises to the top, unless of course it curdles. The lactic acid builds up and then when added to the heat of the coffee, ick! It is literally undrinkable. This is how I equate environments that don’t mesh with our vibe.

When you are stressed in your life, you can’t rise to the top of anything. You might have intermittent wins, but they will not be consistent. Logically you’ll think you aren’t working hard enough, you might try and take a different approach, maybe even lose sleep over it.

You can try and think your way to positivity, you can read books on how to get what you want, watch movies like The Secret, make vision boards, stare at photos all day long and you still won’t be the cream at the top. It is virtually impossible to manifest on a continuous basis when you are blocked in an area of your life. What causes this block? The coffee in which you are partaking with.

The environment and the people you hang out with can directly effect your manifestations. If you don’t believe this, test it for yourself. Do something that makes you happy; this can be anything. You don’t even have to do something, just think about something or someone that makes you smile. The kind of smile that you feel internally and eventually makes its way to your face. Now, keep that smile and that feeling and interact with someone you may have had a niggling feeling about. That happy feeling plummeted, right? This person is compromising your energy, your vibe and your ability to manifest.

You see, manifesting is an inside job. Your body alerts you all the time to situations and people that are not working for you. Some people will ignore this and then they might get sick. They don’t even connect their environment with what is happening to their body. They might see a doctor even. Take a pill. But if you haven’t done the inner work, you might get another malady. There are a few ways to combat this: 1) Work on yourself and not try to fix others 2) Remove yourself from the environment 3)Stay where you are and continue to accept coffee that doesn’t taste right, no matter how much cream you add to it.

Personally, when I am around people with a low vibe, I feel heavy. Like weights are on me and I am trudging through mud. I feel sad, anxious, closed off and sometimes angry. I am picking up on their energy, because these qualities are not mine. I am an empath and my nature is to nurture, so I have to be very cognizant of who I gift my energy to.

When you change your vibe, you intrinsically feel who is supporting you and who is not. And you are willing to remove anything or anyone who you know is not a part of your path, because you have worked too hard on yourself and are not willing to settle for less than what you know you are worth.

If you’ve been doing the work, you have lost your taste for bitter coffee. Hell! You may not even be drinking coffee at this point. Maybe your taste buds only tolerate Dom Perignon!

The point of this blog is to keep rising. There’s plenty of coffee that will be able to handle your cream!

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I’m a creative. This means I live in my head, my heart and follow inspiration whenever it is gifted to me. I love acting, modeling, writing and coming up with new ideas to help inspire others.

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