A balanced life is a fulfilling one. We all know this on some level, yet we spend most of our time working.

Some of us will bury our heads in work to avoid life; the things that aren’t going well, our pain, our frustration. We think if we work harder we will forget about all of the things that upset us and we will be happier because we have more money. We think that more money means more security, more stability. But money is just paper. We make it, we lose it, we spend it, we invest it. It comes and goes.

Working harder works for awhile, but we won’t feel in balance, in fact we will feel the exact opposite. You cannot have all of your focus on one area of your life and expect the rest of it to be hunky dory. You might give a bit of your time here and there to people or your abode, (breadcrumbing if you will) but if you aren’t sharing the pie equally, things will actually fall apart or you will.

I work, work, work, work, work all the time. My day usually starts around 5am. Sometimes I try to stretch laying in bed until 5:30 but I have a cat named Milo who stares at me, willing me to wake up. It always works! He refuses to let me sleep in, so I accomplish in one day, what most people do in a week.

I never stop! In fact, if I don’t have work to do, I create it. I am alway creating. But every now and then I realize I am doing too much when I have a moment where nothing is going on and I have time to sit down and reflect. This is when I can really think about where I am putting my focus and what is working and what is not for me.

Yesterday I had a moment, so I sat in the sun and noticed that my body was achy. It has been alerting me for a week or two now that it is not in balance but I just kept working through it. I went to bed earlier, thinking that would help, but I only woke earlier (Milo was happy), but I was tired by 8pm the next day. I changed my diet a bit, tried to fast in the morning, but found I wanted to eat my right hand by 10am. More water, less wine. That didn’t help. I only went to the bathroom more and missed my tasty reds. I racked my brain trying to think about what it could be. What had I been doing differently? Then I realized it was what it I had not been doing. Yoga.

It occurred to me that I hadn’t done it in some time. Yoga is all about breath, and wearing a mask is about the exact opposite. I like the sense of community at the place I go and that is what got me there 4-5 days a week. When the mask order came into place I stopped going.

So today I got up and fed Milo and turned on You Tube to watch Adriene and did yoga. As I was doing the poses, she kept talking about balance and I had this moment of utterly clarity. Yoga was the balance I needed. My body was yearning for it. The stretches, the breathing, the flow. I felt better afterwards and actually, more balanced.

I’ve had enough of things that are unbalanced. The giving to someone who takes but never gives back and if they do, it is never to the level you gave. This is the first place most of us will feel this imbalance. We want to give because it feels good and sometimes we will keep giving because it is our nature, but we often attract people who just take. Talk about an imbalance!

But…eventually you realize you have been giving to someone or something that is not meeting you half way and you have to give all of that goodness back to yourself. It can initially be hard to do, especially if giving is something you do naturally, but necessary in order to be in balance.

The best way to tell if you have given too much is to listen to your body. Mine has been telling me for awhile now that I need more love not less, so today I gave it yoga. Now that I am back on the path of being balanced, I understand that there has to be this equality in all of my relationships, all of my endeavors, all of my passions.

Life cannot just be about work. Life is called life for a reason. It is about living and if we are so focused on what we are accomplishing, how much bank we have, and what others think of us, this leaves little time for much else.

Where are you out of balance in our life and what can you do to fix it? Sometimes it is just a little tweak.

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I’m a creative. This means I live in my head, my heart and follow inspiration whenever it is gifted to me. I love acting, modeling, writing and coming up with new ideas to help inspire others.

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