This is a kicky little tune. I love Peggy Lee! I have a very diverse music list to say the least.

But this song…manana! I like it. It’s all about how there is always tomorrow when we don’t want to do something today. But is there always tomorrow? Absolutely not!

If the past year hasn’t taught you that you need to live in the moment and make the most of every day, then perhaps you need to get your head examined. The news changes daily as well as restrictions and protocols that we are expected to adhere to without question and what was once your reality even yesterday, is a different one every day.

I question a lot, but what I do not question, is why I would hold off doing today what I can do today, thinking I always have tomorrow.

I don’t even think about tomorrow! This is because I am too busy focusing on today. I do have deadlines when it comes to auditions or orders I get, but I always do them the moment I get them because I feel so blessed for what is being gifted to me in every now moment.

There is no guarantee for tomorrow, despite what you think. So the fact that you said I will do that thing tomorrow because you didn’t feel like doing it yesterday, well, today is that tomorrow so are you going to do it now or put it off again?

If you are a procrastinator or a person who holds back, thinking you will be given another day for another change at happiness, then I highly recommend reading the Power of Now. It is an exceptional book and completely frees you of the need to worry about the future.

When you grasp this concept of living in the now, you appreciate everyone and everything in front of you. There is no need to be calculated or worry about what others think, because you simply go moment to moment and do what you feel called to do. When you stay in your heart, you only take action towards things or people from that place, instead of an ego based one that feels the need to control.

We cannot control anything or anyone and if you think that you can or you satiate your ego by trying to do so, then the Power of Now probably isn’t a book you want to start with. Actually, you won’t even be able to get through it.

What a controlling person needs is to be less controlled. I recommend tapping for this. A need to control everything in your life is a sign of major unhealed wounds. If you have been deeply hurt in your past then you will do whatever it takes to not be hurt again. By doing this, you are never living for today, you are constantly living for tomorrow because you fear what will happen and are always trying to think ahead.

Living for manana is futile. You can keep on waiting for tomorrow to make necessary changes, or you can embrace the only thing you are guaranteed, which is this now moment. When you just breathe in and then out and say, “I am perfectly fine in this moment” you understand that this now moment is all you are ever guranteed and to think that you are guranteed more, is keeping you in a trap of your own making.

Release the need to control. Despite what you think, you cannot control what manana brings or if it will even come. Your manana is here right now. Be grateful for where you are, what you have and the fact that you are able to read this blog. It really is the little things!

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I’m a creative. This means I live in my head, my heart and follow inspiration whenever it is gifted to me. I love acting, modeling, writing and coming up with new ideas to help inspire others.

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