a strong feeling or emotion. an object of someone’s love, liking, or desire. strong liking or desire : love.

We cannot live without passion. A life without passion is no life at all. And while some of us may get through the day overlooking the lack of passion, we know deep in our hearts that it is missing.

Looking for passion equals desperation. It has an energy of lack on it and comes across needy and creepy at times.

Waiting for passion sort of means we are resigned to not doing anything about it. It says we aren’t willing to put in the effort.

But then there’s the type of passion one knows is out there because it already exists within themselves, so it is arrival is inevitable.

This song reeks of passion. The lyrics, “I’ve been asleep so long” pretty much sums up a person who has been going through the motions instead of being engaged fully in their life. Is there anything that will kill passion more than that? I can think of a few things off of the top of my head!

Lack of love, dishonor, disrespect, distrust, disloyalty, lies, deception, cheating, backstabbing, instability, insecurity…I mean, pretty much any of those things will ruin any passion you may have had.

But what ignites it?

My red dessert is honest. He’s got integrity. He’s financially stable, secure, confident (not the false kind, that would be narcissistic), loyal, supportive, emotionally stable ( I should cap that one). He doesn’t always agree with me on everything I do but respects my choices and doesn’t judge me for them. In short, he’s got my back and is there anything that gets you more passionate than that?

It’s true…I’ve been asleep so long, but not anymore!

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I’m a creative. This means I live in my head, my heart and follow inspiration whenever it is gifted to me. I love acting, modeling, writing and coming up with new ideas to help inspire others.

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