No More Tears

If there’s no crying in baseball, then there certainly isn’t any crying in the club.

We’ve all been there! Heartbroken beyond belief, tears streaming down our faces, gasping for breath in-between sobs. The ache so bad we feel we will never be able to love again.

We are often left with no answers as to why someone treated us the way they did. Most times we are just left with more questions. Mainly, how could we have been so blind?

Our vision gets blurred when the heart takes over. We only see the good in someone or what we imagine the good to be. When we fall in love we can romanticize a person into being something they aren’t, often times something they aren’t even capable of.

We want love so badly, we compromise, settle, forego our own feelings for another, accept less than what we know we deserve and try over and over again to make something work, even when someone else doesn’t put in any effort at all.

All of this wanting leads to disappointment time and time again. You reach out and they don’t reach back, you try to talk but they don’t want to listen, you try over and over again because you know what you feel is special but still they treat you like you’re some option they will circle back around to when they get bored with whatever else or whoever else they are busy doing.

When you finally figure out that you mean as little to a person as the guy at Starbucks who takes their coffee order, you stop giving. It’s sad really, that it takes buckets of tears in order to finally wipe your eyes one last time and never shed another for someone who treated you so callously. This is because you finally find the love you so freely gave to them and start giving it to yourself.

So cry if you must over that person who who made you feel like you didn’t matter. But just know that anyone who makes you cry that hard isn’t a person worth crying over. No one is hard to love, but there are people who love too hard and usually they manage to attract people who have hardened hearts and teach them a very valuable lesson in self love.

So thank those who treated you like you were less than human for the tears and go live your best life without them. There will be someone who values you for you and what you have to offer, because you value you now and will never settle for someone who doesn’t.

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I’m a creative. This means I live in my head, my heart and follow inspiration whenever it is gifted to me. I love acting, modeling, writing and coming up with new ideas to help inspire others.

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