I mentioned that I went back to work in a salon one day a week. One day is a lot! They asked me yesterday if I wanted to work more and I gave a big hell to the no!

I’m assisting. This means I do all of the work colorists don’t want to do. They know nothing of my past and the glamorous clientele I had or the money I made, blah blah blah, they only want to know if I am available to tear foils or wash color out. I’m a humble person (you’re laughing of course), so I comply.

The reason I decided to go back into a salon and be tortured by people barking orders at me and throwing their dirty bowls in a sink to be washed, is because I have a license and do absolutely nothing with it. I did at one time of course, but now it just sits there in a drawer collecting dust, instead of collecting me money.

Because of my lapse in the business, my brain doesn’t work like a colorist anymore. But it’s amazing how one day back back in a shop my brain immediately picked up on formulations. The owner is a protege of a famous colorist I know and the way the job came about was very serendipitous, so I took it.

My first day there I was skeptical. I felt like I had been transported back to the first salon I worked in with all of the drama. Jessie (who was taking female hormones) spinning across the floor, Thee Vyron Roe with his cowboy hat on, Derek who had his nose bit off by a scorned lover, Eric (who once did hair for porn stars) sitting in is chair flipping his golden locks to and fro, and Betty (backstabbing Betty) trying to mess with my color formulations.

I hate drama and I especially don’t like people who bring drama. My life has been full of it and I am done. D-O-N-E! I don’t want drama around me, I don’t want drama people in my life and I certainly don’t want drama in my work. Stability is the name of the game for me now. Anything that doesn’t smell like, look like or act like stability is a no go for me.

So when in the first hour I was at this salon and I looked up at the front desk and saw two police officers, I felt a pit. It all came rushing back to me like Roy Scheider in Jaws when the camera zooms in on his face at the beach. Why in the hell was I here? What had I agreed to? Who in this joint had the police after them? Was it a customer? An employee? I drove 45 minutes to get here. I’m shampooing people! I went about my business and shampooed the next person with color on their head, thinking I would grab my keys when I finished and get the heck out of there.

But then the owner came in the color room as I was grabbing my bag and I saw that she was visibly upset. She said she had called the police because she had fired an employee and he was threatening her child now. She’s such an awesome lady and I really like her and I know if I stick around for a bit I can learn some really great new techniques from her.

If I keep this in prospective, then it’s easy. You can do anything for one day and let’s be realistic, I am never going to color hair there. I’m only doing this so that when I move I will be able to color hair anywhere. It’s just another tool I have in my kit to make my wallet grow.

So as I resigned to this philosophy, the Universe sends me a test. I have a moment, so I read my email. Two emergency auditions from two separate agents are in my in box. This never happens on a Friday. Ever! I snuck out to my car to do a voice over but had to pass on the other one. I do not ever pass on auditions, so you can imagine how I felt like turning on the ignition and leaving.

But a test is sent to us for a reason. It asks, “How bad do you really want this?” I don’t like being tested, but I do have an end game, so a test is only natural. Being back in a salon and working as an assistant is a true test to how far I have ascended. There are people who work there who don’t even say hello to me. One colorist got angry at me yesterday because I didn’t keep her foils in when I rinsed someone, even though she didn’t tell me to. Some clients don’t even tip. Is there any other way to test your self esteem? Your self worth? Your commitment to a goal?

If you can be in an environment where people treat you like you are less than they are, you have two choices. You can react and walk out, yell, talk back, get angry or you can respond with a smile and understand that everyone is always going through something and usually it has nothing to do with you.

Besides, this is one day out of my life. I do make some pocket change that I generally give to my kids, but I am there for the education. And I am learning a lot. How long will I be there? Couldn’t tell you. I have resigned to living in the moment. I do not plan a thing anymore. Wherever I am today is where I am. Tomorrow? Couldn’t tell you where I’ll be. I only know that it will be wherever I am meant to.

But I do know, wherever I go, it will include peace, love and happiness, because that’s just how I roll now.

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I’m a creative. This means I live in my head, my heart and follow inspiration whenever it is gifted to me. I love acting, modeling, writing and coming up with new ideas to help inspire others.

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