What Do You Reckon?

If our beliefs create our reality, then what do you believe is true or possible? If you’re not sure, then look around you and you’ll find out.

Are you madly in love? Do you have someone next to you who cares about you, listens to you, would go to bat for you and smiles just when they think about you? If you do, count yourself in the arena of people who have reached a place of divine union. That shit is rare!

If you aren’t in love with all of the bells and whistles that’s okay, too. Maybe you don’t want to be. Maybe you’re still working on yourself and enjoying the single life. Nothing wrong with that.

But, if you’re a person who would like nothing more than to have a partner and somehow it seems to elude you, then you are probably running some core belief that you are not worthy of love. This core wound comes from many things and it depends on what has happened to you in the past, but the good new it’s the past, so it’s over. The reason why you can’t meet anyone though, is that you are still running this program like it happened two minutes ago.

If I had to explain what a program was I would say it’s like having a committee inside your head that alerts you every time it feels threatened. It simply sabotages your every attempt to try and have a new life because it remembers the old one and didn’t like it. The best way to get rid of the committee is to understand that you are torturing yourself by perpetuating these unhealthy thoughts. And that my friends is called insanity.

If someone triggers you, that’s good. And while you might get pissed off, it is an opportunity to heal. Because once you heal wounds from your past, you will never be triggered again. This is not to say you won’t hear the trigger, it just won’t effect you. You’ll actually laugh because once you hear how ridiculous people sound and the programs they are running, you can’t believe how obvious this all is.

You need not be perfect to be happy, you just have to believe in yourself. You can’t fake this. It is something that comes from really knowing your worth. Knowing how unique you are, that you do have something to offer, that what you have to say matters. And the best way to believe in yourself is to be authentic. This means you do not care what others think because when you care what others think, you believe that their opinion matters more than yours and when you do this, you will never be free. You will always look for approval and never feel like you get it and you will always seek validation and never get that either.

Everything is possible. Absolutely everything! All you have to do is believe you are worthy of it. So, are you?

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I’m a creative. This means I live in my head, my heart and follow inspiration whenever it is gifted to me. I love acting, modeling, writing and coming up with new ideas to help inspire others.

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