You’re Beautiful!

There is a whole lot of pain in the world right now. People are being judged for making personal choices and our world seems to be more divided than ever before.

The great divide we face now are those who are vaccinated and those who are not. If you have been vaccinated, please know that blaming, shaming and pressuring people for not following your path is not love, it’s bullying. Love is selfless. Love does not dare try and dictate how others should live; it simply is.

If you break up with someone during this time because of your difference of opinion on this, then just know you had a bigger problem than this going into the relationship. Love doesn’t care if someone makes a different choice, it honors it.

You may be someone who is trying hard to stand your ground, stay in your integrity and is having it questioned at every turn. You may have been called crazy, paranoid, a conspiracy theorist, an anti-vaxxer even, just because you are empowering yourself to have a different opinion. This name calling is the sort of thing that happened in grade school by the class bully.

You may feel so alone in your choices, that you have moments of utter despair. You may feel as though you won’t get to travel, that you will be excluded from family gatherings, lose jobs, lose friends and be gossiped about. And all of this is simply because you are choosing to follow your inner guidance instead of what others are telling you to do.

This post is to remind you of how beautiful you are. Your choices and opinions are yours and should never be questioned or doubted by anyone, let alone be coerced out of you. The fact that people are doing this to one another is atrocious and a very clear indicator that they are holding an unhealed wound around fear.

Their fear is not your fear, nor is it your problem. When people come from this place of fear they become extremely judgemental. Judgement is not love. It feels nothing like love. In fact, it feels horrible.

If you are currently being bullied, judged or feeling as though you are being ignored by those who say they care about you because of a personal choice you are making, I’m here to remind you of how beautiful you are in choosing to be you and empowering yourself to make choices that you feel are best for you, not others.

You get to choose! You are beautiful no matter what that choice is and so are those who are choosing otherwise.

But those individuals who continue to blame, shame and judge people for having a difference of opinion, should be ashamed of themselves and perhaps need to remember when they were bullied and how awful it felt.

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I’m a creative. This means I live in my head, my heart and follow inspiration whenever it is gifted to me. I love acting, modeling, writing and coming up with new ideas to help inspire others.

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