What is it You Don’t want to Know?

We all know what we know, and while we may not be able to express it in the most perfect terms if we were to speak it, our inner compass cannot deny the truth. It is a niggling feeling that we are not being recognized for who we are or what we stand for. Not only that, we are not being heard, nor are we being respected.

The body always knows when something is off. We might feel it in our gut; a pit that grows within us until we can no longer deny it. It might come with a tenseness in the shoulders that we can no longer shrug off. Our face might get flush with heat because we feel like we are under attack. The body is always trying to alert us to when we are not honoring ourselves, but we continue to ignore it. We would rather wait until the most horrible things happen, before we acknowledge the truth of what is going on.

We would rather mistrust ourselves and our bodies and continue to serve others and their needs, than to accept the truth that they really don’t care about us and what we think, they only care about what themselves.

The reason for this, is that we don’t want to know because the truth hurts, so we stay in denial. People live lies every single day. They pretend they are happy, that they are in good relationships, that all is well in the world. Some will even pretend to be good people; self-righteous even, yet will condemn you and play the victim, if you go against them.

When those who are closest to you are the ones who deceive you, this is when you really don’t want to know, because it is a painful moment when you realize who has always been in your corner, and who has not.

Most of us will carry on and accept the unacceptable because we would rather turn a blind eye to how uncomfortable we feel, than to be alone. What is it about being alone that frightens people so much? You can be in a room with a hundred people and feel incredibly alone and you can sit with yourself and your stuff and your kids or your animals and feel like you are among an audience of a thousand. It’s all about acceptance. Who accepts you, for you?

I used to play the game. Keep the peace at all costs. It completely depleted me of everything that I was. I essentially became someone else; a shadow of others and what they wanted. My laughter, my smile, the effervescence was still there, but it lost a bit of its bubbly-ness every time I sat back and allowed others to trample over me so that they could feel better about themselves.

I don’t do this anymore. And while others might find my dismissal of people who still try to do this harsh, it is necessary in order for me to move on and be what I came here to be. I am love. I have always been love. I give love unconditionally and sometimes when you do that, you attract people who take it and give nothing in return. They are the ones who are most upset, when you know the truth.

So while you may not want to know, sometimes you really need to, in order to step into your power and live the life you were meant to, not the one someone expected of you.

Know everything! When you do, you heal yourself and you finally step into your truth.

What’s your truth? You have always been divine in nature.; perfect as you are. You just let others convince you that you weren’t.

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I’m a creative. This means I live in my head, my heart and follow inspiration whenever it is gifted to me. I love acting, modeling, writing and coming up with new ideas to help inspire others.

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