You Don’t Need a Hero, But Sometimes it Feels Good to be One for Someone Else

I love all things Universe! Messages, number sequence; it’s ways in which something outside of ourselves that we cannot explain, speaks to us. Like a constant barrage of information being thrown at you that you either choose to listen to or ignore.

I chose to ignore the signs, whatever you want to call them for a long time. And then finally, when they got to be too much, I was forced to answer them.

This morning the Universe sent me a big one. I had just picked up food from Starbucks for my youngest son. There are no cooking utensils in our house at this juncture and we are a day or two away from leaving it- God willing! It’s just easier and since I usually make his breakfast, Starbucks did it for me today.

As I was waiting to turn and make my way home, a homeless man who lives in our town passed in front of my car. I have seen him numerous times before. He has skin that looks as though it has seen a lot of sun and longer hair. I often wonder if he would like me to cut it but have never asked him. He is generally hunched over as he pushes all of his belongings up hills and around town.

I looked at him as he passed in front of me and tapped on my horn and then motioned to the side of the road. I got out of my car, waved to the person behind me to let them know I was getting out and gave the man ten dollars. “Have breakfast on me today” I said, and then got back in my car and left.

I am not a hero. But I do understand the value of people and those heros who have been mine. My sons, for who I am forever grateful, have been there for me whenever I need them and even when I think I don’t. My cat, Milo and every dog I have ever rescued, who in actuality, rescued me. And of course, my sister and her husband who have been there for me more times than I can count. My mother too, since she always is there to listen, even when I harp on about the same old thing.

I am grateful for these people in my life and that’s why I understand how a simple gesture and an acknowledgement of someone in need and doing what you can to help them make their day just a little better, is so important.

I do believe in heros because I know many. And because I have been so blessed by them, it is effortless for me to bless others. I also trust in the Universe and it’s divine guidance and therefore I know, I will always be financially abundant.

Money is just energy but so many people become trapped by the illusion of it. In the end it is simply an exchange for services rendered and nothing more. And sometimes that service you are receiving, is the incredible feeling you get, by giving to someone in need.

I hope the person behind me saw what I did and went on their day and did an act of kindness to someone else. I believe in the good in people when they are seemingly at their worst. We don’t know what drives a person to do what they do, we only know what drives us.

Let your driver be a hero. The world is in great of need of them.

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I’m a creative. This means I live in my head, my heart and follow inspiration whenever it is gifted to me. I love acting, modeling, writing and coming up with new ideas to help inspire others.

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