Dead Man Walking

A phrase traditionally used in U.S. prisons to announce a condemned prisoner being walked to the place of execution. But also a euphemism for anyone facing an impending and unavoidable loss.

When you go through life doing horrible things to people and take no accountability for your actions, there is something called karma that will always smack you in the face, which in turn leads to a whole lot of loss.

The interesting thing about a person who continues to do bad things to good people, is that they don’t realize when all of the loss occurs to them, it is because of all of the bad things they have done. Instead, because of their inability to look within, they might just right all of the loss off, as a string of bad luck.

There is good karma and there is bad karma. You can create both. But a person who plays the victim in all situations, all the while trash talking others, taking no accountability for their choices and actions and doesn’t reflect at all on what they have done to create drama in their lives or the situation in which they currently find themselves in, is definitely building bad karma.

Bad karma can come back to you in a number of ways. Think of it as a boomerang effect. Whatever you have done to someone will come back to you, but tenfold. Let’s say you take money from someone. You justify it of course. And so you have car trouble that costs that amount or more. You gossip about someone and then it backfires in ways you can’t even imagine. Your thoughts are so focused on getting revenge on someone and you are so consumed with bitterness, that you send an email that wasn’t supposed to be sent, you get fired, you hook up with a lunatic who robs you, maybe you get a sexually transmitted disease, you get in a car accident or you might get sick. If you’ve done a lot of bad things to good people, you might just suffer from all of these things and more.

When a person is operating from this victim mentality, they look different, especially to those who vibe higher. This is because wherever we are vibing sends out a certain energy, like a pheromone, and there will be people who are attracted to this toxicity who are just as toxic or moreso, and then there are those who will be repelled by it.

Good karma does the exact opposite. You attract people into your life that are joyful, generous and support you. You don’t have to work hard to make money, opportunities just seem to come to you. You walk different, look different and vibe extremely different because you aren’t caring all of that inner turmoil, anger, jealousy and envy.

There is a saying that says karma never loses an address. I have seen what karma is capable of. And if you are with a person who has done bad things to good people, you will be effected by the karma as well. It’s sort of a wake up call for you to remove yourself from situations and people that are not there for your highest good. And while this can be painful, it is a very valuable lesson in knowing your worth.

I personally don’t understand why anyone would want to be a dead man walking, but I know a few people who are. They accept people at face value and the labels they hold, instead of what really counts, which is their energy. People give themselves away, especially if you have the opportunity to just watch and listen to them. The minute someone starts with a victim story and you listen, is the exact moment in which you have not only given credibility to their bullshit, you have also perpetuated their lack of accountability in the trauma they caused others.

I have never been impressed by labels or money and I certainly don’t have time for people with a victim story or those who listen to them. There are always two sides to every story and the person who isn’t talking, is the one is most definitely the victim and the one who knows the truth. And most times, that truth is too horrible and painful to discuss which is why real victims usually remain quiet.

What does impress me is honesty, stability and depth. And a dead man walking has none of those qualities.

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I’m a creative. This means I live in my head, my heart and follow inspiration whenever it is gifted to me. I love acting, modeling, writing and coming up with new ideas to help inspire others.

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