Rejection is Gods Protection

We’ve all felt a connection with someone at one time or another only to have it go absolutely nowhere. Perhaps it was timing. Maybe one person was with someone else and the other was not. Your backgrounds were an issue. Religion may have played a part in it. Families, friends, etc. It doesn’t matter, it just didn’t get off the ground.

And while all of those excuses may have worked for you because you weren’t in your heart, you were in your head, you still thought of them constantly. Maybe thoughts of them kept you up at night. You may have seen their name everywhere. Perhaps they showed up in random people with a look, a laugh, a sound, their name. And yet you still ignored it, thinking that it meant nothing and so you chose to do nothing about it.

Maybe the other person felt it too. Maybe they felt it so much that they mustered up the courage to approach you. And you shut them down. You wrote off the connection or chemistry you had as a fluke and nothing more. A situationship that would never go anywhere. End of story!

You often hear people say, “He/she has a lot of potential.” God, is there anything more weak than that? It simply means a person has the necessary abilities or qualities but may or may not utilize them. I mean, you may as well have an attorney on speed dial if you’re going into a long term relationship with someone like that.

What you want is a solid choice in a love partner, not someone who could go either way. Not someone who comes in and out of your life to get a fix of your attention only to slither away and get it from someone else too. And certainly not a person who can’t recognize a once in lifetime love they cast aside like it’s commonplace.

If a person isn’t taking action towards you, then they are simply a distraction. Not only that, they are keeping you from meeting someone worthy of your time and attention. There is someone in the world who is not only ready to receive the love you have to give, they are ready to return it to you as well.

Know this! Trust this! You are the best thing that type of person will never have.

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I’m a creative. This means I live in my head, my heart and follow inspiration whenever it is gifted to me. I love acting, modeling, writing and coming up with new ideas to help inspire others.

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