Give Em More To Talk About

In Dante’s Divine Comedy, the envious labor under cloaks of lead, their eyelids sewn tight with leaden wire—suggesting that envy arises from a form of blindness.

One of the lowest vibes a person can hold is envy. You want what you believe someone else has and are consumed with jealousy and bitterness, wondering why they have it all and you don’t. You essentially become blinded with these dark thoughts and focus so much on the lack of what you have, that you create more of it.

If you feel you don’t have the skills, gumption or wherewithall to go after what you want, then you will always be envious of others. So why not do something about it instead of talking trash about someone? Spend more time doing something productive, like working on yourself, instead of disparaging someone who probably isn’t even giving you the time of day.

There are always two choices! You can either brush yourself off and start getting to work on your life and getting it together, or you can keep spreading lies about others you are envious of. But just know that if you are doing everything you can to destroy someone else and their reputation, you are really only destroying yourself. Being consumed with bitterness, jealousy and envy changes a person at a core level. You literally become unattractive on the outside because you are so consumed with ugly thoughts on the inside.

I don’t give my time to those who spread gossip and lies about people because I know if they are doing this to others, they are doing it to me. And I certainly don’t give my time to those who give this toxicity an audience either. I find this behavior intolerable, because if you are listening to someone who talks poorly about someone and you don’t have both sides to the story, then you are just as tiresome as the person doing it.

If you are a person who is thriving, and have people hate on you, then just know you are on the right path. Haters are people who can’t get close to you and you’ve obviously made a smart choice by eliminating them from your life.

Your shine might blind some people, but that’s not your problem. There will be plenty of those who not only get you, they appreciate you as well, so don’t waste your time on those who don’t.

Remember this: some people’s glass ceiling, is your floor, so keep giving em something to talk about! Keep climbing higher and don’t look back. People can either stay in the shadows or join you in the light. The choice is theirs.

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I’m a creative. This means I live in my head, my heart and follow inspiration whenever it is gifted to me. I love acting, modeling, writing and coming up with new ideas to help inspire others.

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