I used to live in Dallas, Texas and went to the fair where “Big Tex” greeted me along with a million others at the gate. If you ever get the opportunity to do such a thing, I would highly recommend it.

There is something magical about a fairground. It brings out the dreamer in us all. We get to escape our real world full of responsibilities for the day and go to the kid one that lives inside us, that we simply need to acknowledge in order for it to come to the surface.

This happy go lucky, giddy, come as you may attitude also comes to the surface when we are in love. It’s like we are at a fairground all the time.

But in order for us to get to that fairground, we have to be on fair ground, we can’t be on the shaky kind. Another words, there has to be equal give and take; this is fair ground. Anything else might resemble a ride at the Fairground, which as you go through my list, you will see isn’t such a good thing.

Bumber cars: I mean, it says it right in the title. Do you really want someone pushing you all the time? Encouragement is great! We all need someone who dares us to leave our comfort zone. But someone who is constantly at your back isn’t someone who is supportive. Have you ever been on one of those rides and get slammed so hard your neck hurts for two hours? This relationship my friends, is the proverbial “pain in the neck”.

Haunted House: Dear God! This is someone with mommy or daddy issues. You won’t see signs of this right away which is why it’s scary. But wait for it…it’s a comin. They will never cut the ties with their family no matter how scary they are and will probably blame you and maybe even your children if they have any discord with them.

Funhouse: Sounds appealing, but just a cover for a covert narcissist. The mirrors are similar to the lies they tell you and once you’re in this relationship it’s hard to get out. They will love bomb you to keep you in and then just like that there’s a creepy side to them resembling an eerie clown that appears. While this might be fun for them to always be throwing you off guard, it won’t be for you. Find the red neon light that says Exit and do so as fast as you can.

Pendulum ride: One minute you’re up and the next one you’re down. Do you really want to live your life this way? What is it that you can give yourself instead of trying to find it with someone who clearly doesn’t have it. This is just too exhausting.

Carousel: while it looks all cutsie with it’s fake horses, you are literally going round and round in circles. And you will continue to do this, until you get off. This relationship is literally going nowhere and never will.

Cliffhanger: Do you really like being ghosted? Wondering if they like you? Wondering what they are thinking? Save yourself a headache and read a mystery instead. No one should have to wonder what someone is thinking. It’s not so hard to talk. People who don’t talk don’t want to and you can’t have a relationship if they won’t.

Rollercoaster: Enough said! I used to love this ride, now I don’t. Right when you get your senses back you plummet again and you don’t quite recover from it all until several hours later. If it’s a relationship, you’ll never recover, until you get off the ride altogether.

Tea cups, Tilt a whirl and Gravitron will make you dizzy and while we might feel a little tingly when we are in love, I don’t think you want to be grabbing the nearest wall just to be near a person. Too much of anything isn’t good.

Rotor: Do you really like having the floor dropped out from beneath you? Personally I like to know my feet are on the ground…like at all times. A relationship like this isn’t stable.

Ring Toss, Rope Ladder and Knock Down will all lie and probably cheat on you. I don’t anybody who wants that, but sadly, many people do it. If you think someone is up to no good, they probably are.

So you’re probably wondering if I think there is anything that resembles a healthy relationship at an amusement park. Have you guessed it?

Why, It’s a Small World…after all, it has a nice soothing soundtrack, is just the right temperature, it calms you, makes you smile, makes you laugh, might even bring a tear of joy to your eyes, has beautiful scenery, is accepting of everyone and teaches you something as you go along.

Fair ground; the beginning of a beautiful thing.

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I am an actress, model, writer and creator of inspirational card decks I sell on Amazon. I also love animals and spend a great deal of time working as a volunteer with several organizations.

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