Shake It Off

I see a lot of people on You Tube who block comments on their pages because people will actually go in there and write horrible things about them or their content. I am utterly amazed that someone takes the effort to do this.

It’s like going to a restaurant and complaining. Then you go and write a horrible review about the place on Yelp. I’m sorry! Have you ever owned a restaurant? Cooked in one? Waited tables in one? Generally the people who go out of their way to hate on someone, haven’t done much of anything. Except complain.

Why don’t you do what I do and just leave a tip and never go back. If it was so awful, just go already! Move on! Forget about it! And how awful is awful anyway? I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever had a meal anywhere that made me want to trash a place. It’s just mean.

It takes a lot of passion, commitment and focus to produce art. But it all it takes is one jealous person to trash that work and they will tell so many people to do the same thing, until it directly effects that business or person. I mean, talk about vindictive! I’ve had this happen to me. Here on this blog and with my books, probably even my cards. It’s utterly amazing how petty people are. Petty, sad and shameful.

Instagram is a breeding ground for shameful people. They try and steal content and bamboozle people into thinking another person has reached out to them offering readings. I see it all the time. Not only do creators create, they now have to warn people not to listen to others trying to impersonate them.

When people take your content, pretend to be you or use your art like it’s their own, it is the highest form of flattery, but it’s also stealing. They aren’t giving the artist any credit, they’re just soaking up all of the credit when people look at them like they are so insightful and philanthropic.

I block my content from time to time. Two weeks ago I went through my followers and deleted almost all of them from every account I have. I felt like I needed to clean house; get rid of anyone who wasn’t legit. Do you have any idea how many people had fake photos and no content? It was alarming! It’s not a good energy to have attached to your work, but when you live an authentic life and put yourself out there, you are going to attract people who stalk.

I don’t mind stalkers who like me, or constructive criticism either. If you have information or ideas that you think I might benefit from, then I am more than happy to listen. In the past I wanted nothing to do with people who were filled with negativity, which is why I deleted so many of them.

But after much reflection and listening to this great song, I’ve decided to embrace the haters, jealous ones, plain old mean ones, creepy stalker types, the nasty review writers, the ones too afraid to put their own work out there so they trash others who do, and the ones who use my pearls because they don’t have any of their own.

Merry Christmas! You don’t have to read my content under a blanket, pretend you don’t read it when you sop it up like a biscuit to gravy, or make a fake account anymore. You can just follow me to get inspiration or go on Instagram to see all of the good stuff I am up to.

I have too much information to share, art to create and acting to do and I am no longer going to play small or hide my work. And if people who aren’t supportive of me are reading my stuff, that’s okay. Maybe one post will help them see the world through a lens that isn’t so judgemental. It’s a big ask, but I’m an optimist.

If you go to my home page you will see a few posts from my Eighty Six It Instagram account. My other account is Gretchen Allison; which is my personal account for acting and family stuff. I try and post daily readings on the Eighty Six It account; generally with the cards I make. I’m no psychic, I am a person who tells stories. So if you like the ones I share here, check out my Instagram for daily inspiration and for Pete’s sake, just admit you like my writing. It’s all good!

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I am an actress, model, writer and creator of inspirational card decks I sell on Amazon. I also love animals and spend a great deal of time working as a volunteer with several organizations.

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