You’ve earned it!

When we earn money it is because we gave something for it. It might be our time, knowledge, expertise. When we give these things there is an expectation of earning money or at least goods in return.

Giving is synonymous with earning because whoever you are giving services to, is expected to give you something in return.

Receiving, of course, is what we do when we are gifted our earnings.

Sharing is something that is not part of that transaction. But when we equate earnings to relationships, sharing is vital.

Let’s talk about earning as it pertains to life, because there are many people who don’t understand that they have created the very life they are living now, simply by the choices they made, even if they hate it.


You might say you want a relationship, but lets talk about what you you are doing to earn one based on your surroundings. It’s easy to do because we all have stuff and stuff is a very telling way of what we value most and what we have put our focus on.

Is your place in perfect order? Did you have a designer do it for you? It may look as though no one even lives there because it looks so perfect and you would agree that you like to keep it this way. Do you have take out containers in your fridge? Photos that date back ten years ago? Would you ask someone to take their shoes off before they entered your abode? Come unglued if they asked you a personal question? If you answered yes to any of those, then you earned that single life you are living.

No judgement, most of us want the best. But when you put so much focus on material things and maintaining a perfect facade, that you forgot to focus on relationships and remember that people aren’t perfect, you can wind up alone. People can’t be controlled. If you want to control someone than you might have narcissistic tendencies and are better off alone. If you insist on meeting someone, then you are going to attract someone who is either co-dependent (yikes!) or is another narcissist (bigger yikes!). Relationships require nourishment, attention and acknowledgement in order to exist, not control.

Does your place have items you picked out or are they from a previous relationship? Are you keeping things because you like them or is it more from a place of convenience, being cheap and just plain laziness? Do these things reflect the real you or the person you were in a relationship with? Do you have photos that are current or are you displaying ones of days gone by? Do you have food to cook a meal or are you a person who keeps pizza from the day prior and a meal your mother bought you two nights ago in your fridge?

If you wavered on the side of the second part of the questions, then you are basically living with leftovers and you settle. If you’re looking for just anyone and are willing to accept pretty much anybody that comes along, then by all means, keep doing what you’re doing. You will earn a person who settles for leftovers too!


Do you hate your job? Complain about it constantly? The people, the workload, the money? You applied for it, accepted it and now you don’t appreciate it. With so much unemployment, maybe you should focus more on being grateful for the job you have. Appreciate the paycheck! You earned this job, not another one. If you want another one, apply for it…earn it.


Are you out of shape? Feeling sluggish? Tired? Pants don’t fit? You put more attention on bad foods instead of good ones and now you are full of regret. You said f-it to exercise and now have remorse. But you worked hard to get that chub! It didn’t just show up over night. You earned it!

Are you obsessed with your weight? Do you constantly deny yourself sweets or salty foods that taste good? Do you allow yourself to indulge? Or do you count every calorie? Exercise like your life depends on it? Maybe even get angry if you can’t? You earned that addiction! You became so obsessed with the way you look, that you probably have withdrawals when you can’t exercise.

FOR THOSE WHO KNOW THEY AREN’T LIVING THEIR TRUTH (If you even have to ask what that means, this applies to you!)

Do you ever find yourself sitting amongst a group of people and feel like you don’t belong? Do you look around at those people and have this realization that no one really knows you? No one really “gets” you? Are you afraid that you might be judged if you show the world who you really are? Are you so worried about what others think of you, that you don’t even know what you think anymore? You earned these feelings of emptiness. You worked hard to keep up the front and wear a mask.

We are all accountable for where we are in our lives and what is going on in them. We can blame others all we want, pretend we don’t care when we do, try and ignore situations and people hoping they will go away and even bury ourselves in work.

We can live in perfect homes, messy ones, work a shitty job, work a great one, eat what we want, starve ourselves and even live a life of lies. Our focus is our currency, so we earn what we put it into.

We are so powerful and we don’t even know it. We get to choose whatever we earn. So if you don’t like what you are currently earning, then focus on what you are yearning to earn and give your time and attention to that.

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I am an actress, model, writer and creator of inspirational card decks I sell on Amazon. I also love animals and spend a great deal of time working as a volunteer with several organizations.

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