Playing by the Rules

I was thinking about playing by the rules and how that pertains to interactions with people. There is this unspoken rule that we are to do what is expected of us and what is acceptable when we are in public, in relationships and at work.

I think most of us adhere to this unwritten rule. We understand social barriers, what’s appropriate to say and what is not. We might expect someone to hold the door for us if we are leaving a store and they are walking in. If we are at a four-way stop we know that there is an order that is supposed to take place, so we follow it.

We also know that when we are in a relationship we have no business interacting with someone else in a romantic way. We also know that we should play by the rules when a relationship is over and do right by the person we spent so much time with, but some of us don’t play by the rules when it comes to this because we feel rejected.

At work, if you don’t play by the rules you might be fired.

But what about the rebel-rouser who refuses to play by the rules? What do we think of that guy?

Personally, I admire him, unless he is hurting others…than he’s just a selfish prick.

The one who refuses to play by the rules, is the one who honors the self. They are a person who has probably been through a lot. They have pain from what they have endured and have seen way more than they ever wanted to. They probably were the person who played by the rules at one time and the rules didn’t protect them or explain how they found themselves in situations or with people that treated them so unkind.

Playing by the rules will keep us in marriages that are absolutely horrible. They also keep us from speaking up in public when we feel as though we are being wronged or others are as well. Society teaches us that it is not appropriate to speak out against someone, which is why so many organization that are trying to do good, are portrayed as ones who are doing bad.

I’d like to meet the person who said we needed to play by the rules. But more importantly, I’d like to know how these unspoken rules were created. I’m guessing it had something to do with control. Rules control us.

But sometimes those unspoken rules keep us bound to things and people who aren’t making us happy simply out of guilt.

It is our right to be happy and there is no rule worth following or playing that should compromise it.

I’m heading out for the night and I’m certainly not going to play by the rules. The rules I once served never served me and it’s time to break them. Maybe it’s time that you broke a few, too.

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I am an actress, model, writer and creator of inspirational card decks I sell on Amazon. I also love animals and spend a great deal of time working as a volunteer with several organizations.

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