Make Me Better

Many of us are in co-dependent relationships and we don’t even know it. There are many reasons why this happens to us, but a few are never feeling good enough, embarrassed to receive recognition, valuing others approval over our own and not feeling lovable.

These are pretty tough things to acknowledge because most of us probably carry on in our day to day lives like we are fine. But when we are alone we may feel very sad about our relationship, like we are not heard or valued. We may even start to look at ourselves like there is something wrong with us, instead of looking at the person we are with.

Co-dependent people can often attract narcissists. It’s got to be the cruelest lesson there is, because you may be totally in love with them, but you start to realize they are only in love with what you can do for them. It’s always transactional in nature; sex, cooking, cleaning, socially, appearances, etc.

When you are in the right relationship, there is no co-dependency. The other person, like this song says, makes you better. There’s you; the person who is whole and complete without anyone and then there’s this other person who is the same way and bam! you make each other better. You are, what they call, a power couple.

When you are on a spiritual journey (sorry, I don’t know another word for it) you become awakened to many things. One of those things could be that you are in a co-dependent relationship or are co-dependent in general. Once you see this you cannot unsee it and you essentially become forced to make changes because the things being thrown at you are relentless and you literally have no choice.

People don’t like change, especially when it involves other people. You never know who a person truly is, until you confront them about your feelings. If they are open to working with you, there will be a sense of relief. You will also feel love of the unconditional kind. If they are not willing to hear your feelings, there will be bitterness and a whole lot of ugly. This is a telltale sign that you are in a co-dependent relationship and probably with a narcissist.

We are not meant to be alone, but we are not meant to be with toxic people either. We are meant to thrive, to wake up everyday and feel excited about what’s to come. We are also entitled to have a love that is there for us through thick and thin; no matter if we lose our job, our money, our home or our health. When this person smiles at us our whole world ignites and if they send us a text or call just to say hi, we feel this inner bliss and a stupid grin covers our face. This is the person who makes you better!

If you have already met this person I hope you never let them go. I hope you fight for them tooth and nail and appreciate just how special your connection is. If you haven’t met the person who makes you better, than here’s to the new year and making that happen!

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I am an actress, model, writer and creator of inspirational card decks I sell on Amazon. I also love animals and spend a great deal of time working as a volunteer with several organizations.

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