Enjoy the Silence

I’m a big fan of Accupuncture. Herbs, needles, I love it all! I go to this couple; he prescribes the herbs, she does the needles. Together they are a force to be reckoned with and I dig em.

This morning as I was lying there, face down with needles in my back and legs, I realized how much I enjoy the silence. There is a bit of a language barrier between us, but she does her thing and I trust that she knows what she is doing, so I don’t feel the need to question her or talk. I appreciate our relationship because normally people talk to me a lot.

I am the type of person who seems to bring out the chatter in people. People will just come up to me in random places and start talking to me. I guess I have a welcoming energy. I don’t mind this at all, but there are times when I do appreciate the silence. Not the emotionally unavailable kind (that’s draining and toxic), the knowing when the venue calls for it kind.

So as I was lying there having intermittent jolts of electricity being jarred into my body from the wires attached to the needles, I thought about Frankenstein and how I felt like him before he came to life. It’s only for 30 minutes and knowing how great I am going to feel afterwards, I suck it up, despite my body convulsing.

As I started to resign to the buzzing, jolts of electricity and pain in my ear from one of the needles, I started to doze off. I realized that I never stop to pause and think about what is going on in my life, because I am too busy during the day. I have three boys and while one of them lives with me full time and that brings a lot of responsibility, my two older ones call me on average, at least three times a day. I also have my own company that surprises me everyday. I am deeply humbled by the orders that I get, but never take a moment to realize how amazing it is that I even created a company, let alone have sales. There is simply no time. On top of that I audition all the time and have a pretty active social life.

As I drifted off, thinking about how lucky I am, I heard this loud voice and I became keenly aware that the person in the room next to me didn’t appreciate the silence at all, in fact, she thought it was a time to talk.

“What do you use on your skin? It’s too hot. I can’t breathe. I had the booster two days ago. Did I tell you about my granddaughter? What do you think about…” Her voice was loud and shrill; not a good combination.

I tried to focus more on the electric pulses in my back and the sound of the machines humming, instead of her. I know how strong the mind is. We can talk ourselves in and out of everything, but….her voice and the granddaughter question for the 5th time just got to me. What is it with people who have to constantly talk?…About nothing! I think they just want to be heard and they use these opportunities to just chat away.

It’s like when you go to the dentist. They must be so bored! Every time I go to one they ask me a hundred questions and I can’t answer. I’ve got a thing sucking my tongue out of mouth in it, water spraying me, and a drill with two hands in there. They have to know this! You’re a captive audience and I don’t like being held captive.

I once had a facial with someone who wouldn’t stop talking. For the duration of the facial she talked about products and how my skin needed this, needed that and that it was crying out for moisture. She was wrong. It wasn’t my skin crying, it was me, from her chatter. I mean, at this stage in the game I know what products I like and I’m not trying new ones.

Have you ever had a massage and someone talks to you? This is just sacrilegious. The soft music is playing, the bed is heated, you’ve got a mask on your eyes; all of these things conducive to sleep. But instead of them understanding this, it’s as though the disco ball is going, the house music is pumping and they want to chat you up. I’m sorry, that was green tea you served us, not a martini. Read the room!

Isn’t there an unspoken somewhere that says people shouldn’t talk in certain situations? You are supposed to enjoy the silence, not break it. But I guess there are some people who just want to be heard and they will talk to anybody, even if they aren’t listening or can’t understand them.

I mentioned the language barrier where I go for accupuncture, right? We literally smile and nod heads at one another. And sometimes, that’s all you need to do in order to be understood.

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I am an actress, model, writer and creator of inspirational card decks I sell on Amazon. I also love animals and spend a great deal of time working as a volunteer with several organizations.

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