Pick Up the Phone

Have you ever called someone you really want to talk to and their phone goes to voice mail and then you hesitate, wondering if you should leave a message?

I mean, a message is a commitment. It’s an acknowledgement of your feelings. You’re putting yourself out there, totally exposed, hoping for reciprocation.

And if they don’t have voicemail that says their name, just some generic Apple version of leave a message, you wonder if they are even going to get it. And if you are brave enough to go ahead and leave a message, if you don’t hear back from them, you can always use the days gone by method of answering machines, where you say, “They must not have gotten the message.”

But we all know that if someone really wants to talk to you, they find a way. It doesn’t matter if it is through text, email or carrier pigeon. If a person really wants to reach out, they just do. They face whatever insecurities are going on inside of them, and they let you know that they are thinking about you, even if it’s just a simple text that says, “Hey!”

Call me a romantic, I don’t care! I watched Serendipity last night and just felt this complete and utter “Yes” this is what I want feeling. A person who understands how rare a soul connection is with someone and will cast aside what others think of them in order to have this beautiful connection. The guy literally called off his wedding to be with the one he loved.

If you’re a person struggling with if you should pick up the phone or not, in order to tell someone how you feel, pick up the phone….I’m sure the person you are thinking about is thinking about you too, otherwise you wouldn’t be feeling such a pull towards them.

Serendipity…it’s a magical thing.

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I am an actress, model, writer and creator of inspirational card decks I sell on Amazon. I also love animals and spend a great deal of time working as a volunteer with several organizations.

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