Proving Others Wrong

When you’re underestimated and people don’t believe in what you’re doing, proving them wrong can be an incredible motivator.

But in order to feel such an inner driver, we first have to believe in ourselves so strongly, and be so committed to achieving our goals, that we are willing to make changes and take opportunities that pull us out of our comfort zone.

Absolutely no one can prove anyone wrong, if they continue to play small. The people who prove people wrong, are the ones who play it even bigger than what they could have imagined.

I recently worked with a young woman on a project who had submitted herself for a co-starring role in a movie. She said she didn’t feel that she was qualified enough to play a starring role, so she was shocked to learn that her agent had submitted her for the same project, but for the lead. She didn’t book the co-star role. She did in fact book the lead.

Her story reminded me of just how often we see ourselves in one way and others see us in another. If we are holding any wounds from our past, we may not only be passing up really good roles, we may also be passing on some really amazing relationships, simply because we don’t feel worthy of them.

So while we might think we need to prove others wrong, perhaps the person we are really needing to prove wrong, is ourselves.

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