Action Versus Words

I’m a big fan of both!

Our actions are everything! What we choose to pursue, do something about, take a cause in, support, love…it all takes action.

But our words…they can be empty, hurtful or supportive.

The two together are what create a healthy connection. Action without words can be attractive, as long as the intent is from the heart and not the ego. Words can be sweet but if we talk all day long about taking action and never do it, then it’s just talk.

There are people who talk a good game. They might say all of the right things like they have memorized the back of a New York Times Bestseller or every rom com ever written, but their actions are non-existent so you realize their words are empty just like the person saying them.

Then there are people who take action because they can’t express themselves emotionally. It’s like they have some list they go through or they obtained somewhere that says “these are the things you should do” to show someone you care about them, but it won’t feel genuine because it’s coming from a place of obligation, not love.

In order to have any healthy connection, both actions and words are required. You can say one thing and do the exact opposite, but whoever you are dealing with will begin to question your loyalty. The more times your actions and words don’t meet, the more the relationship is severed.

Loyalty is something most people overlook when it comes to relationships. A loyal person is a rare commodity. An allegiance you build with someone should never be broken. If it is, it is simply because your words and your actions weren’t in alignment.

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