Picture’s Up

When filming, this a term that is used to signify that rehearsal is over. The rehearsal is done to make sure the actors are clear about the scene, where their mark is and any blocking that needs to be done.

When all of this has been done, you hear cameras rolling, sound rolling, background, and then of course, action. There are several indicators that action is coming on set, but in life, we don’t have a director telling us when to take action, we just have to do it.

If “Pictures Up” were called out to you right now, would you feel prepared to take action towards what you want? Do you have the tools you need to obtain what you want? Have you taken every step possible to ensure your success? Have you taken any steps at all? Do you need to head back to your trailer and rehearse a little bit more? Or have you realized that you have no business being on set at all.

The only way to determine if you are prepared, is the level of confidence you feel. How confident do you feel? Is it real confidence because you have done the work or is it the false kind because you refuse to, and think that no one will notice? Because when the camera is rolling and you are around people who can see through a bad performance, it becomes very transparent that you are not only ill prepared, you’re a bit of a charlatan and have no business being a part of any worthy production at all.

There is nothing that should ever stand in the way of you taking action towards what you want. If you don’t have the skills, get them. If you don’t have the confidence, educate yourself, and if you just plain don’t have any gumption or ambition, stop lying to yourself and others by pretending that you do.

I get nervous every single time I do any project. It’s a good nervous, not a bad one. The nerves don’t come from being uncertain or lacking confidence, they come come from the excitement I feel because I am challenging myself. And no matter how nervous I get, I never let it stand in the way of me taking action. Never!

So if I said to you right now, pictures up, camera rolling, sound rolling…would you be ready to take action or would you come up with more excuses as to why you can’t or shouldn’t?

Sometimes later becomes never. Do it now. Pictures up…are you ready?