Bookings & Such

3/30/2018: I’ve been so neglect in posting. Recently shot a Michael Kors ad last Sunday. Super fun, great people! On hold for host job for MS and Mormons.


1/12/2018: New year, new opportunities! Yesterday I went out for two agents in the pouring rain. Both auditions were super fun and I got to see a lot of familiar faces.

11/21/2017: Just sent in a self tape for some Financial Spokesperson. I know how to spend money, not talk about it, but I did my best to “look the part”.  IMG_7283This week I also auditioned for a movie being directed by Peter LaLonde called, “I Am Sam”.  I am really hoping for this one as I get to play a woman named Delta with bi polar disorder and go to Canada to film. I also auditioned for a new television pilot. I would like to tell you more but they didn’t tell me anything, so I can’t. I am currently on hold for a Hilton ad that shoots in Washington, DC and a commercial for Perkins which shoots in Nashville.

11/20/2017: I like to think of myself as a person with an incredibly creative imagination, but honestly, I couldn’t make this stuff up! I got paid last week for the back of my head. I’ve seen better backs of heads but I’m not going to complain. IMG_7143I was supposed to do a shoot for a cruise ship and they cancelled at the last minute due to weather issues, so I got paid to sit at home.

11/10/2017: Back with the gang at Good Morning America. Called me in the next day to do a one line voice over for more moola. I was there ten minutes. If only I had truly grasped how your thoughts create your reality sooner!





10/5/2017: I’m currently writing episodes with my friend and fellow actress, Deb, for a Web Series we are creating.


Week of September 18th: The ups and downs of an actor! One week nothing, the next week four auditions; three with scripts. BOOM!(actual campaign name), Billions, New Purge Movie and another movie with God in the title that shoots in Arkansas. Fingers crossed and all that jazz!

Currently auditioning for “Must” a play written by Charles Cissel, directed by Shaya Mulcahy and produced by Bruce Willis.


8/19/17: Big Premiere for “Matriarchs”, Brooklyn











8/17/17: Busy Week! Photos with Dorothy Shi, Auditions for Rex, Lartruvo, Aetna, La Prairie, Peapod and big premiere for pilot on Saturday night. unnamed

8/11/17: Shooting new photos next week. Signed contract with BMG for commercial, film and television.

7/19/17: Lays Commercial Shoot







“Soft Landing” won best play in the 10-minute short lab at the festival.  Onto a bigger version now.






7/6/17:  Loving the play! Dorothy Lyman is truly amazing and I am so grateful to her for casting me. My fellow actors are super talented and I am deeply honored to be working with them.

Matriarchs cast

Matriarchs cast and director, Richard Adofo.  The premiere is scheduled for this month and fingers crossed, it will be picked up by a major network. It’s a super awesome project about a woman’s motorcycle gang and I am incredibly grateful for being a part of it. I’m taking motorcycle lessons to prepare for my role when the play is finished and getting a tattoo with my best friend from high school, Sue.

Booked the snack brand commercial (It’s Lays) and filming the week of the 19th.

6/29/17: Dannon yogurt, Snack Brand and Sinners. Still awaiting results for New Zealand job.



6/14/17: Playing in the mirror before audition. This week I’ve been called in for Delta, Dress-barn, James Patterson’s “Murder is Forever” which shoots in New Zealand, an oncology pharmacy ad and lunch with cast of the play I am performing in directed by Dorothy Lyman. And it’s only Tuesday! I feel truly blessed for all of these opportunities.

6/9/17 :  Taking a break from one of my passions to help another.IMG_5954








5/25/17: Morning show promo shoot for Good Morning America. Was fun to play in the fish bowl for a day with my fellow actors.


Update: Performing the part of Jane, in a play written and directed by Dorothy Lyman for the Midtown Theatre Festival in July.

Playing a stage manager for a morning show promo. This one was a real shocker, as I was awaiting confirmation on a commercial shoot in Canada and wound up booking this one instead.

So many auditions! I’m always on a train. Projects for Brighthouse Financial, Morning television show promo, IBM, Fiber One (got to put my kimono to use), Diabetes drug, COPD drug and my fave, a play called “Soft Landing” directed by Dorothy Lyman,  have been keeping me busy.

4/12/17  Worked on set today at a house in Queens. Filming again tomorrow in Brooklyn.


Janelle and me chilling before camera rolls.

Brushing up on my monologues in-between takes for theatre audition next week.

In the past month auditions/bookings have included Broad City, Bull, A Film about Aliens, a Sketch Comedy Play, voice over for a bank and numerous print ads/commercials.

Photos from the set: