I have had many photos taken through the years, so I thought I would put a few comparisons up here for fun. I am planning on having some more taken soon with a photographer named Todd Estrin, who takes personality shots. I look forward to him capturing the real me, because sometimes when you model, you don’t look like you at all.

The photos below were taken by Susan Bowlus. Loved the shots, didn’t care much for the day though. I can see that was reflected in the photos a bit. I was exhausted the week going into it just getting ready for the shoot and in the words of Forrest Gump, “That’s all I have to say about that.”


These photos were done by Dorothy Shi. She is one of my favorite photographers! She loves animals like I do and she shoots in her apartment filled with fish, dogs and a rabbit. Her dog, North made an appearance in one of my photos once and so did her husband, who is also an actor.   

Really fun shoot with a terrific crew! Shooting with Lalo Torres was an experience. All you do is show up! He hires a stylist to pick your clothes after they have looked at your profile. We listened to Miley Cirus sing, “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart” about a hundred times that day.


The photos below were done by Yolanda Perez. She is a model herself and so is her husband, Martin. They literally are “the beautiful people.”


It all started here! First modeling job with neighbor friends! Snoopy (the dog) stole center stage! IMG_4329