Week of February 23-27

While we are all on lockdown (that’s what I call it), I have had a continuous conversation with Apple for a podcast they do which I am excited about. I also did a self tape for a holiday movie, assuming we have more (I’m the eternal optimist) that went well and had an amazing audition for a national commercial that I hope will come to fruition when all this garbage is over.

Week of February 24-28

Okay, I have officially been pinned and held more times than a brooch!  I’ve been in casting rooms with some of the biggest players in the business and even when I don’t book the job, I am ever grateful for the experience. It keeps me going….just like that damn bunny!

Week of February 17-21

This coming week I have two auditions lined up and another one I am waiting to hear back from. Eco cast has never been my favorite as I have to self tape, but when they ask you to do one…well, you fudge it the best you can. I think I will do a video of me filming myself for a good laugh.