I have been on a few Zoom meetings with my agency and my fellow actors to stay connected, but truth be told, I find myself slipping further and further away from the industry. Creative people cannot be contained or masked and it is that very reason that I have shut down my blog so many times. People with passion need to express themselves, which is what we are all witnessing right now in our world. Like it or not, we will never go back to what we used to be and I for one think that’s a good thing. Personally, I have been creating in new ways and am loving every minute of it.



Completely over it at this point. Self tapes and casting meet and greets via Zoom are fun, but at the end of the day an actor has to be moving, not sitting at a computer. So far this month the best meeting I’ve attended was with Frank Oz. He offered some great advice and I actually took a few notes. In the meantime, I just keep writing my own material cause it’s the one thing I can control.

April 20-24


I have been amiss at posting news, as days seem to run into one another. It is Friday, right? I had an opportunity a few weeks ago to enter a monologue into a competition called, The Quarantine Monologues and was one of the 50 people chosen out of 16,000 actors who entered. This amazing opportunity came about from the uber talented Leah Daniels Butler, who is the Casting Director for the Empire, Precious and The Butler. I am truly grateful to her for honoring me with a general meeting.

4/6 – 4/10 A few more self tapes this week. This time it’s for the people who cast NCIS Los Angeles, Shameless and Big Little Lies. It’s great to have the opportunity to get in front of casting directors, even if only virtually.

March 30- April 3


Hard to believe I have been working…well, trying to anyway. Was sent a bunch of information from Apple-background check, etc. so hopefully that will happen. Happy to see people are getting more creative with this quarantine. I’m sure there will be a musical next year about it! Sending in two monologues this week to casting directors who are opening their base because everyone is in the same boat now and I guess they are bored. Either way, I’ll take it.

Week of February 23-27

While we are all on lockdown (that’s what I call it), I have had a continuous conversation with Apple for a podcast they do which I am excited about. I also did a self tape for a holiday movie, assuming we have more (I’m the eternal optimist) that went well and had an amazing audition for a national commercial that I hope will come to fruition when all this garbage is over.

Week of February 24-28


Okay, I have officially been pinned and held more times than a brooch!  I had a great opportunity to audition for Billy Hopkins and was pinned for the role the next day. It’s a new show on STARZ. I was released a week later. Generally I get this stuff go, but I got mad about this one. Sulked for three days. This is why I have a manager-she always picks me up again.

Week of February 17-21

This coming week I have two auditions lined up and another one I am waiting to hear back from. Eco cast has never been my favorite as I have to self tape, but when they ask you to do one…well, you fudge it the best you can. I think I will do a video of me filming myself for a good laugh.