Let’s talk about sex!

I mean, sex is awesome…if it’s with someone you love. But, if sex is being used as a means for another person to fill an empty void within themselves, then you are merely being used, which is not loving at all, in fact, it’s cruel.

We’ve all had sex for the sake of having sex, hopefully you were younger and not a grown ass man or woman who should know better. Sex without emotion, care and compassion behind it, is merely just a transaction and extremely unfulfilling. Unless of course you are a person who needs sex to fill the cavernous void within yourself, then it fuels you because you are incapable of giving this fuel to yourself, so you take it from others.

When we validate ourselves by collecting partners, trolling the dating websites for hookups or pretending we want a relationship with someone just to get sex from them, we are diving into really dark and murky waters. The waters might seem clear going in, but eventually you will see that the water is filled with snakes and really creepy creatures that will mirror who and what you truly are.

People who need sex to feel better about themselves will prey upon people who are merely looking for someone to love. These highly dysfunctional people seem to attract empaths; people who feel the unhealed wounds of others and think they can fix them. It’s the perfect cocktail of disaster!

A person who needs sex doesn’t value women or men/whomever they are attracted to. They are simply a means to an end; a body that fills their needs, but only momentarily. They will engage with people on line to feed their ego, have an unhealthy addiction to porn and may fantasize or even engage in nefarious sexual acts, because they feel so out of control in their real life and need to control others to feel powerful. If you are a person who is doing this to others, please log off. You’re in need of some major therapy and my posts aren’t going to cure you.

Sex should be between two people who care about one another, who connect on an emotional level and where mutual respect is the driving force. There is nothing sexier than that! Sex is the ultimate expression of yourself with another and when you engage in sex with someone, you are sharing a part of yourself with them. Your most intimate part. You are giving this person your energy and they are giving you theirs. Think about that for a minute. Whose energy is with you?

Why in the hell would you give your most precious part of yourself to someone who is f^&*ed up? You know this going in, but if you are looking for validation, you’ll still have sex. If you think for one second that having sex with someone is going to cure your shit, think again. You’re only going to attract people with more shit than you and it will stay with you.

You will never change a person by having sex with them! Nobody is that good at it! It’s not a magic drug that makes a non-committal person suddenly committed. It will never make a cheater be loyal. It will not save your marriage either. Sex isn’t that powerful. But people are; but only when we give them ours. If you are engaging in sex with someone who isn’t respecting you, take your power back.

Sex should be something we want, but only with people who get us. It should never be something we need. If you fall in the need category you really need to look within instead of out there preying upon others. Do the work!

Sex is sacred-treat it as such! If you are conscious and your mind isn’t being stimulated, nothin much else will be either. Learn to discern between someone who is conning you for their own gain and one who is authentically interested in you for you, not your sex.