Is a Japanese art form in which breaks and repairs are treated as part of the object’s history. Broken ceramics are carefully mended by artisans with a lacquer resin mixed with powdered gold, silver or platinum. The repairs are visible — yet somehow beautiful.

We are all Kintsugi, aren’t we? Beautiful, broken human beings from heartache, pain, suffering and life in general. Through all of the trials and tribulations we have managed to pull ourselves together and rise above the constant barrage of garbage that was thrown our way.

We are walking stories; histories filled with suffering, rejections and abandonments. Our wounds are our gold, much like the cracks that are fixed in the Japanese art form. So why do we not bring attention to them instead of hiding them away?

As we ascend and look further into ourselves, instead of into others for answers, we are forced to ask, “Who am I without all of the masks I wear, trying to impress others? Why am I afraid to share who I really am? Why do I pretend to be something I am not? And Why do I accept less than what I know I deserve?

Why do we struggle so much with these questions, when it really doesn’t have to be so complicated. Why don’t we embrace the parts of us that we perceive as broken, because in actuality they aren’t really broken at all. They are simply kintsugi.

Our history should be embraced whole heartedly, because it has made us who we are, which is nothing more than perfect.

May you look at your flaws as a piece of art, instead of hiding them away, and let those who are willing to see you for who you truly are, into your heart.






Let’s Dance


Lets Dance

Into the shadows. Our shadows!

We all have a shadow side. The part of us that we want no one else to see, to know.

But why? Why do we give a shit what others think of us? Is it low self-esteem? Not trusting in ourselves? Wanting… no not wanting..yearning for other people’s approval?

I’m so over it! But mostly people who care so much about something that doesn’t matter at all.

The truth is, when you accept who you are completely, others will do the same. It’s when we are on wavering ground that others have the upper hand and begin to question what we are doing and in turn, we question it too.

Let us not waver. Let us stand strong in the knowing of who we are and not need the approval of people who don’t.

Let’s dance! Let’s have a little fun! Let’s embrace who we are and be okay with it, even if our shadow side can be a little scary.

We are enough! We are perfect just the way we are. Shadow and all!