House Porn

My middle son was recently home from college and I was telling him how much I like looking at houses on Realtor. com. He laughed out loud and then proceeded to show me this Saturday Night Live Video.

Currently I am looking at porn on Hilton Head Island. This is ironic, since that is where my journey began several years ago. One of my best friends from high school, Sue, who I still talk to, is there right now putting money down on a property. I am super excited for her and she is showing me that the future can be anything you want.

I’m ready to move now! But right now, I’m here for my son, so that part of my life will have to be put on hold. But it doesn’t stop me from looking!

One day I’m looking at rentals and the next I’m looking to buy. Sometimes I look for properties on the water, other days it’s good if it has a pool. I like the water! Sometimes I heart homes that are 4 million (assuming my card company takes off) and other times I go in a range that is more practical.

Looking at homes gets me excited about the next chapter in my life. The best thing about looking at house porn is that you can change your mind every day. Two months ago I was looking at a gorgeous former bed and breakfast in Beaufort called The Wedding House. Everything has a story and of course, I am quite fond of them. I don’t like the mundane; it has to have some depth to it. That house was special! But….the crime rate in Beaufort is off the charts. But since I’m only looking, I felt safe.

It’s fun to look at house porn! It’s far better than the other kind, at least in my opinion. And right now dreaming about where I go next and the chapter that follows is super exciting to think about. Let’s face it, if I were being realistic about where I should live, I should be looking at homes in Jersey cause my son goes to school there. But….since it’s all a fantasy anyway, living there is not one of mine.

Yeah, I’m at that stage in my life and I have totally embraced it. I like getting older. I feel more at peace with who I am and have a better sense of self. Some people fight it which I don’t understand. There is a real sense of calm that washes over you when you accept where you are and know that everything happens in the right time.

So while I might be currently living in New York, I’m gonna keep looking for the house in the south with the big porch, water that is nearby and a calm breeze at night to match my mood.

Happy house porn hunting!

Pillow Talk

Let’s talk pillows!

I have an obsession with them. I recently did two bedrooms in my home and they were both boys rooms. One is twenty and the other is eighteen. Do you really think they care about throw pillows? Let’s get real here! They are both in college and probably rarely see a pillow, let alone a throw one with a cute design on it!

I went upstairs today and counted the pillows on their beds. They both have 9! I feel very much like the commercial where they talk about you becoming your parents. I like that commercial. I actually watch commercials all the time and insist that we don;t fast forward through them when they come on. You have to understand that this is not from a love of the actual bs being sold to you, it is merely from a standpoint of being an actress who auditions for them.

I’m not sure what this obsession with pillows is about or where it came from, but I was in a store today and a woman in line told me she has hundreds of them too. I felt good about that. I certainly don’t have a hundred, but I do have too many, that I am sure.

If you have to move a pillow to sit down, you probably have too many. But they’re so cute! The meaning of a pillow is for resting the head, but what of pillows that just look beautiful and do nothing but make you feel spectacular? Make you like your space? Represent a part of you that you want to express?

Is it wrong to have so many pillows? In my house it seems to be the consensus. But I do live with all men. Men don’t seem to get pillows. Sure, you lie your head on one, but do they really understand the importance of the pillow you are giving 8 hours to?

Pillows represent your style, your passion. So if you look around your abode and notice your pillows, what do they say about you? I mean, if a pillow could really talk, what would it whisper about you?


I recently started a course on Jyotish, Vedic Astrology. I love it! It literally is like learning a foreign language.

I have always been fascinated with Astrology, but could never get my head around the whole concept. I can tell you a bit about Pisces, Scorpio and Leo because in Western Astrology I have those elements in my chart.

But not in Vedic! It seems my whole life I have thought I was a Pisces, when I’m really an Aquarius. No more Scorpio Moon! Now I have a Virgo one. Still a Leo ascendent, which explains for a lot.

I think the reason that I am loving it so much is that it ticks all the boxes for me. Jyotish is all about lessons; more specifically, why we came here. It can also explain why certain things happen to you in this life that are not explainable, unless of course you follow Vedic Astrology.

It’s quite simple, really. You are burning karma from a past life. This is something that you cannot control. It is your karma that you came in with. Of course with the actions you take, you will create more karma, and the cycle seems to go on and on until you burn it all off and return to the sun (the king of Grahas).

I enjoy the stories and the mythology, but am not certain if I believe all of it or not. But it is fascinating! I enjoy different cultures and hearing about their traditions and beliefs.

I am only about 10% through the course. The teacher is amazing and very thorough, which I appreciate. Hearing names like Surya, Chandra, Krishna and Vishnu can be confusing. There’s also a term called Yantra. I’ve heard of Yenta before but Yantra has nothing to do with that.

I now know that if you have a heavy Jupiter influence in your chart, you are probably in banking or finance or quite possible the military. I also know that if you want to talk to your significant other, the best time to do that would be when the Hora is in Venus because it has to do with love or maybe the Hora of Mercury, which has to do with phone calls. If you’re angry, steer clear of the Hora of Mars cause it could all go to Naraka.

There is so much to learn and I’m super excited about it all. Right now we are talking about the planets. Pretty soon we move into the Houses and then the Signs. At the end of all of this I should be able to make predictions (Vedic Astrology is very accurate), but I’m pretty good at some of those already.

For example, I can tell you that my youngest son will ask to go to the gym today around 3 even though he will have already worked out for an hour mid morning. He will mess around for another hour eating this or that and eventually we will drive over there around 4:30. I haven’t looked at his chart yet, but I’m guessing there is something in it that has to do with exercise, which wold be the Hora of Mars, and no matter how many times I try and get him to go earlier, he just can’t.

Around 5:30 I’ll open a bottle of wine my sister sent me and start celebrating another Saturday night at home. This is an easy prediction because I do it every day. I wonder if there is a drinking problem in my chart somewhere or if its just Covid. I’m calling it Covid!

When 9pm arrives I will make my way to bed after watching Atypical or Barry. I can predict you will laugh if you watch the series, Trial and Error and you will love Ricky Gervais in After Life.

I guess we are all pretty predictable when it comes to routines, but when it comes to the best time to invest, buy a house, life changes or taking risks…I think I’ll wait and see what the Bhavas have to say about that.

Here’s to predicting the unpredictable! How fun does that sound?!