Ain’t No Sunshine

Feeling low because we have lost someone in our life due to their lack of commitment to us, is something we can all relate to in one way or another.

You are either on the receiving end of this gloominess because you treated the person in your life like they didn’t matter, or you are the one who took your shine away and is now giving it to someone who values you.

If you are the one on the receiving end, it must feel pretty horrible. I’ve never been on the receiving end because I don’t devalue people who are bringing value to my life. In fact, I don’t devalue anyone because I feel that everyone has value and something to offer.

You don’t even have to be a conscious person to know when someone is a good person, but you do have to be a pretty big self-centered jerk to treat others like they don’t matter and then pine over them once they move on, because they got tired of your games.

People who devalue someone and make everything about themselves and only give little breadcrumbs of attention when they sense the other person is moving away, will eventually lose that person, because the sun can’t shine when it’s surrounded by clouds. And if you’re a person who does this to people, than you’re pretty dark.

The sun needs clear skies to be seen and to shine, just like people do. And no matter how much a person loves someone, if they aren’t being given anything in return, they will leave and never look back. It might take them awhile, but soon enough, they will.

The person who has been sopping up all of that goodness won’t like it either. This is because they have come to expect this amazing treatment from someone and in fact, took advantage of it. But they don’t see it that way, so they might go out of their way to retaliate. What they fail to realize is that doing this to try and gain the attention of the person they pushed away, only pushes them in the opposite direction even further.

If they don’t take that approach, there is always the other one. They stalk, think about them obsessively hoping the other person might pick up on their thoughts and reach out to them. God forbid they do the reaching! Its simply not in their character. But what is, is to carry on with more of the same toxic behavior where they give nothing but want it all in return.

It’s utterly insane, because they probably don’t even want the person they treated like garbage. What they want, is the attention that person gave so freely to them.

This is so commonplace for a person who discards others. They collect hearts like a hobby and have no regard for those they wound whatsoever. It’s only ever about them 24/7 and the only time they take notice of the other person, is when they aren’t being noticed by them anymore.

The point of this blog is simple. Value those in your life before they leave. Because once a person feels like you don’t care, is the exact moment you will realize just how much you do, and it is way too late at that point.

Give Em More To Talk About

In Dante’s Divine Comedy, the envious labor under cloaks of lead, their eyelids sewn tight with leaden wire—suggesting that envy arises from a form of blindness.

One of the lowest vibes a person can hold is envy. You want what you believe someone else has and are consumed with jealousy and bitterness, wondering why they have it all and you don’t. You essentially become blinded with these dark thoughts and focus so much on the lack of what you have, that you create more of it.

If you feel you don’t have the skills, gumption or wherewithall to go after what you want, then you will always be envious of others. So why not do something about it instead of talking trash about someone? Spend more time doing something productive, like working on yourself, instead of disparaging someone who probably isn’t even giving you the time of day.

There are always two choices! You can either brush yourself off and start getting to work on your life and getting it together, or you can keep spreading lies about others you are envious of. But just know that if you are doing everything you can to destroy someone else and their reputation, you are really only destroying yourself. Being consumed with bitterness, jealousy and envy changes a person at a core level. You literally become unattractive on the outside because you are so consumed with ugly thoughts on the inside.

I don’t give my time to those who spread gossip and lies about people because I know if they are doing this to others, they are doing it to me. And I certainly don’t give my time to those who give this toxicity an audience either. I find this behavior intolerable, because if you are listening to someone who talks poorly about someone and you don’t have both sides to the story, then you are just as tiresome as the person doing it.

If you are a person who is thriving, and have people hate on you, then just know you are on the right path. Haters are people who can’t get close to you and you’ve obviously made a smart choice by eliminating them from your life.

Your shine might blind some people, but that’s not your problem. There will be plenty of those who not only get you, they appreciate you as well, so don’t waste your time on those who don’t.

Remember this: some people’s glass ceiling, is your floor, so keep giving em something to talk about! Keep climbing higher and don’t look back. People can either stay in the shadows or join you in the light. The choice is theirs.

Be the Sunflower

Sunflowers grow best when they get at least 8 hours a day of the sun. They actually track the sun to stay in its light. They also require a lot of space to reach their potential. If they are planted too close together, they will not blossom to their fullest. They also have a history of healing. They have traveled to far away places; space being one of them. The middle part of the flower has both male and female sex organs, which makes it a complete union of masculine and feminine qualities.

As far as their spiritual meaning, they symbolize faith and are worshipped throughout many cultures because it resembles the sun. The sunflower also represents a desire to seek enlightenment and truth.

I love sunflowers! It’s not for all of the reasons I just stated, I just think they are very unique and make you feel happy. But if you had to be a flower, or be represented by one, then this one is pretty cool.

When we are trying to stay in the light, we need to surround ourselves with positivity. In order to have this, we require a lot of space. We have to set boundaries. People who are not in the light don’t like those. They will do anything to keep you from the light, so they will invade your space and cross the boundaries you have tried to instill, to keep you where they are.

You will feel constricted and start to question the light that you are being called to, especially if the people who are threatened by your light are those closest to you. But if you thrive in the light you know it. You also know when you are around people who don’t.

Our light heals others without us even knowing it. But when you feel your light fading because someone else is taking too much of it to try and heal themselves without giving you light in return, you become depleted and start to wither. You are literally drained when you are around people who do not seek their own light, but take yours instead.

You might travel a bit to revive your light, but when you come back to your reality your light gets challenged by the darkness again and a battle ensues between the masculine (giving) inside you and the feminine (receiving). When you give too much you are not receiving and when you receive too much you are not giving. If this is happening, you are no longer shining your light because it has been dimmed and the chances of you manifesting anything are nil because you are imbalanced energetically.

It is paramount to your inner well being that you stay in the light, no matter how dark it gets around you. The dark cannot remain in the light, nor can the light remain in the dark.

If you are the sunflower you need the light. Choose a new place to plant yourself so that you can thrive. You are the sunflower after all, and baby, you need it!

Color, Carat, Clarity and Cut

I heard this song the other day and it reminded me of how similar people are to diamonds.

Color varies just like people do.

Clarity refers to the Absence of Inclusions and Blemishes. Inclusions mean a diamond is not flawless, but they are internal just like our scars; those wounds we carry deep inside us that no one has a clue about.

Carat refers to the weight of the diamond, how it is measured. We may weigh a small amount and have a heavy energy or we may be mid-sized and be as light as a feather. It all comes down to how much work we have done on ourselves.

Cut of course, gives the diamond most of its sparkle. The more facets that reflect the light, the greater the sparkle. It doesn’t matter if you’re round, pear, oval, brilliant or an empress, if you are showing the world all of you, all of the time, you are going to sparkle!

Keep shining bright like a diamond!