an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.

a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.

I try to do yoga 4-5 times a week. Yoga is all about balance, much like life is. Often times one of my sides if off balance and I cannot get into a pose really well or hold one as long as the other.

If you are into any type of energy work or spirituality, then you know that the right side of the body represents masculine and the left side represents feminine. I am fascinated by this when people complain of aches or pains on one side of their body and I wonder where they are off balance in their thoughts, actions, and feelings.

The masculine side is characterized by logic, facts, systems, and self-interest. The feminine side uses intuition, feelings, openness, and the unselfishness of our nature. If we see them as separate, instead of embracing both qualities within us, then we are living in duality.

If both sides are in harmony, then your masculine and feminine energies are balanced and you have better health, harmony, and are conscious to all beings. You may have heard the terms divine masculine and divine feminine; this is unity within, which in turn, will foster unity without.

In order to have healthy relationships with partners, nature and everything in-between, there has to be a union of these two energies within us first. But most of us do not have this and our relationships will reflect where we are off balance.

We are currently off balance at this particular time in history. We are anxious, fearful, panicked, overwhelmed and angry. Shelves are empty and people are scared. We are ignoring one another instead of helping and staying as far away from anyone that we even perceive as a threat.

Where is the humanity in any of it? Human touch is what makes us all thrive, yet we are afraid to even look at one another.

I don’t know about you, but I refuse to buy into the fear. I cannot control what happens tomorrow, nor can you. The best that I can do is be responsible, make smart choices that don’t put myself or others in danger and keep doing what I do.

I’m not wearing a mask, I don’t have any Purel, I haven’t stock-piled toilet paper, and I most certainly haven’t stopped my yoga practice or auditions. In fact, I think I might go out to eat later and enjoy a nice dinner with a glass of wine.

Call me irresponsible, call me crazy or call me ignorant. I don’t care. I’m calling it living without fear because feeding into it, only creates more hysteria and I don’t operate from that place. If I have learned one thing on this journey, it’s to respond not react; there really is a difference.

All that is being asked of you at this moment, is to remain balanced. To stay calm. Love those in your life a little more because you are being forced to be with them now and maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Look at the positive and stop focusing on the negative and all of this will leave as fast as it came.

Nurture the feminine aspect of yourself and the masculine one as well. We are not at war with one another, in fact, we are in this together. This is an opportunity for us all to unite and make conscious choices that will raise the vibration of our planet, instead of ones based on fear that lower it and send us all into a tailspin.

Love, laugh, play games, share meals, talk. Everything happens for a reason-maybe this one is simply to appreciate what we have and those who are in our lives, just a little more.


I don’t understand why in a world where walls need to be coming down, somebody wants to put one up.

Our issues are not with people trying to come to our country for a better life, they are with people who are already here. With one another in fact. And putting up another wall is not going to keep problems out of our country, it will only enhance what is already broken.

Maybe if we stopped putting walls up with one another because of different political views, being admonished for who we are instead of what others want us to be and being chastised because we pick a partner we love instead of one others find approval with, we might dissolve most of our issues.

Guns of course are a whole other issue. I get the whole amendment thing, what I don’t get is how it is so manipulated. I’m sure back in the day, it had nothing to do with an AK-47. Guns are just more walls that are bigger, louder, more powerful and more deadly.

The walls we build around us become symbolic of our lack of trust, our lack of faith in our fellow human beings. We get hurt once and maybe we put up a few blocks. Get hurt twice and we barricade ourselves and shun anyone who even dares to come close to us. And what of this great wall to keep people from coming into our country? What does a wall of that magnitude say about us?

If it weren’t so shameful, it would be hilarious.

I’m not sure where this extreme hatred of people trying to come to the United States for a better life comes from, but I would place a bet that it started here. A general loathing for anyone who has the audacity to have a dream that might compete with ours.

I have never personally been on the receiving end of any wrong doing from a Hispanic person,  nor have I witnessed a drug deal, robbery or any crime for that matter. As a matter of fact, any Hispanic person I have ever encountered has never been anything but nice. Not just nice, has gone out of their way to be so.

Today I had a lovely man named Carlos in my home helping the contractor we usually use. I had ran an errand and when I came home they were already here. I noticed a pee pad from my blind dog in the garbage that was filled with poo. Carlos had taken it upon himself to throw it out. My kids would have stepped through it.

Carlos will be here for awhile working in my home, but instead of worrying about what he might do, I thought about what I should instead. He is ripping out walls and dust is everywhere, so I pulled out the air purifier and brewed him some coffee.

I don’t blame Trump for what has happened, I blame his administration. He’s only one person. His administration, however, is filled with many men and women who stand idly buy collecting paychecks and somehow manage to turn their heads as the atrocities continue. Why? Because they can and it’s what they want.

Build a wall? How about we tear the one down that surrounds the White House and its cast of prima donnas and let people who have real problems have carte blanche access to them.

Walls may keep people out, but they also imprison those who put them up.