Message of the Day

10/8/21: Obsessing and worrying isn’t going to get you any closer to your goals or what you want, nor is to going to solve a problem you are having. What it is going to do, is create more of the same.

If you are obsessing or worrying about something it simply means you are too in your head. Take all of those thoughts, take a breath, take a walk, take a moment and then allow yourself to get into your emotions instead. Heart over head. One keeps you trapped; the other sets you free.

9/13/21: Are you a person who likes to blame others for everything that goes wrong in your life? Do you engage in toxic behaviors like gossip and name calling? If you do, then know that you are playing the victim instead of taking accountability for your part in whatever drama you are creating. There is no progress for a person stuck in victim mode; only bad karma. Taking accountability is the thing adults do, the other things are what children in grade school do. There is a great saying that goes like this: “Be careful what you hear about a female. Rumors either came from a male that can’t have her or a female that can’t compete with her.” Remember this saying the next time you go to trash talk another or you hear someone doing it.

9/12/21: Is there an outcome you are hoping for? Have you planned everything to the detail? While we can plan all we want, the moment we bring someone else into our plan or if that plan relies on someone else in order for it to happen, we have no control of the outcome, do we? At some point you just have to go for something that you want and not have any expectation of an outcome. The piece that allows you to make a move, is letting go of control.


Either you or someone around you is being self-indulgent. There’s nothing wrong with spoiling yourself on occasion, but when the focus is only on you and your needs at the expense and negligence of others, you are now going into narcissistic waters. Be careful swimming there, unless of course you like sharks.

8-4-21: These two cards fell out of the deck. They essentially mean the same thing, so I guess the message needs to be heard. Endings can be difficult. I currently ended my marriage of 20 something years. And while it ended along time ago emotionally, ending it physically has proven to be extremely challenging. We all know endings make way for new beginnings. We may have wished things turned out differently, but there is a reason the cookie crumbles; it was usually made out of an unsavory foundation. Whatever is crumbling or ending for you, just know that something better is on its way.

8-3-21-Chignon! Is there anything more gorgeous? This card is a reminder that only you have the power to untangle yourself from anything that you feel is holding you back. We can blame outside circumstances all we want, but at the end of the day, we hold the power no one else does. Once you realize this, you will stop handing yours over and start living the life of your dreams.